new mix show! vervine004

It’s been a while again since our last one – here’s the latest Vervine show which as usual, is hosted by our label owner Harry Towell.

This fourth show in the series includes recent Whitelabrecs pieces from the likes of The Dead Bell, Yuya Ota, Tum Tum, Bledi Boraku and Mardit B. Lleshi, Philipp Bückle and Martijn Pieck, Matteo Cantaluppi, Glåsbird and a track from Andy Cartwright’s forthcoming album ‘Beyond the Noise’. It also features plenty of other ambient music, some folk, indie, downtempo, disco and electronica.

The cover artwork for this one was taken on a visit to Burghley House in Stamford, through a small round portal with a green colour filter. The sun-worn colours are apt as we move into summer!

Here’s a mini player/link to the show which you can check out on Mixcloud:

01 ElodieVent Blanc
02 Bledi Boraku – Mardit B. Lleshi Tema
03 Matteo Cantaluppi Messian
04 David Cordero Oma
05 Andy Cartwright – Mended Environment
06 North Americans The Nighthawks Are Our
07 Philipp Bückle & Martijn Pieck Grains
08 Wil Bolton Of Ruins
09 Tum Tum Twenty Seven
10 Seabuckthorn What was once
11 Lucinda Chua Golden
12 Observatories Sapphire Waters
13 blochemy sien
14 The Dead Bell Forgotten Reveries
15 Hummingbird Turrēs
16 Yuya Ota Daydream
17 Glåsbird Inyeug
18 John Haycock Nyonks Jarabi
19 Fabiano do Nascimento with Arthur Verocai and Vittor Santos’ Orquestra Fonte
20 Meg BairdStar Hill Song
21 Ruby GoonCold Wind
22 Hagan Textures
23 Vicmari With Or Without (ft. Shiloh)
24 FenomenomOut Of Control
25 Pharoahs Invisible Mile
26 Pools Penwick Pool
27 Roman Rauch Bumble Beat
28 Rim Kwaku Obeng Believe In Yourself

Out Now! Mardit B. Lleshi – Bledi Boraku – Saggio

Our next release is ‘Saggio‘ by Mardit B. Lleshi and Bledi Boraku which is a collaborative album from these two Albanian musicians. The album combines Bledi’s electric guitar tones with the timbres of Mardit’s cello compositions. The minimalist artwork of a dimly lit church shot from outside at night, reflects the imposing yet inviting nature of the music. This album is out now in a run of 100 CDrs, in our signature gatefold vinyl-effect packaging. If you follow us on Bandcamp (Click HERE) we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear about future releases. Or you can become a subscriber and receive our monthly newsletters by clicking HERE

press release
“In this album we welcome Albanian musicians and artists Bledi Boraku and Mardit B. Lleshi, with their album called ‘Saggio’. Their work together combines Bledi’s electric guitar tones with Mardit’s textured cello timbres. Whilst they work together regularly in live performances, this album is their official debut release.

The album was performed and recorded live, capturing the acoustics of the room as a key component of this record. This gives the album another dimension from contemporary classical music, which tends to be produced pristinely, with high-end mixing equipment. There is a balance of darkness and warmth throughout these pieces, which play through seamlessly as one continuous listen.

The impression is given of a live concert, perhaps inside a dimly-lit church as depicted by Benet Nelku’s cover artwork. The grandeur of the church from the outside dark alongside the power of the music is imposing, yet inviting. Inside, a charm and character unravels; Peter Nejedly’s photo in the CD sleeve shows a tired old roof with its dusty beams. Tales from the centuries would be told, if these beams could speak. Instead, the music beams through in the detailed layers of Saggio, a word which translates to ‘wise’.


Composed, performed & recorded by
Bledi Boraku (electric guitar) – Mardit B. Lleshi (cello)
Tirana, Albania
Mixed by Dritëro Nikqi – Studio C (Prishtinë)
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Front image – photo by Benet Nelku
Inner image – photo by Peter Nejedly
Design by Andrew Heath

Packaging photos

Here’s a glimpse of the packaging files, which you can see via the slideshow below: