Release Date: 22.06.2024
Format: Record Wallet
Catalog: WLR162

Genre: Ambient, Drone


Braulio Lam is an artist and photographer from the border region of San Diego/Tijuana. His journey into music began at the age of 12 when he first picked up a guitar, before he progressed to formal music education from 2009 to 2012. Braulio’s debut album ‘Soundtrack For Vision’ was released on Static Discos in 2016 and in 2024 he released ‘Claroscuro’ with Dragon’s Eye Recordings. He has also released with labels such as Seven Villas Voyage, AvantRoots Records, the sublabel Akasha (Éter Editions) and Facade Electronics.

Drawing from a diverse array of influences spanning reggae, jazz, electronic, avant-garde, ambient, folk, world music, rock, afrobeat, and soundtracks, Braulio's compositions are informed as a reflection of his eclectic tastes in music. His creative process is as dynamic as his music, often changing methods and environments such as the time of day when producing music, in a quest to encounter different results. Whether crafting solo in his studio, fueled by morning coffee or late-night inspiration, or collaborating remotely with artists like FAX, Braulio's commitment to musical innovation remains unwavering.

In this album entitled ‘Redscale’, Braulio sketched a concept based around photography after settling on one of his own images as the cover artwork. The chosen photo was shot using Lomograpny Redscale at 50 ISO and each track has a title relating back to this particular shoot.

For the music, Braulio aimed to use a small set-up of electric guitars and pedals, an OP-1, a field recorder and a mixer. He restricted the number effects and post-editing to a minimum, so that the resulting sounds stand true and intimate. In spite of the minimalism there is a variety across these 8 tracks; some pieces are deep and linear, others include environmental field recordings, and then there are sun-bleached ambient passages too. Each track was recorded at a different time of day and mood and reflecting back, Braulio describes the process as being like therapy.


Written and produced by Braulio Lam

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Photography by Braulio Lam

Art and design by Andrew Heath



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