Release Date: 18.05.2024
Format: Record Wallet
Catalog: WLR160

Genre: Electro Acoustic, Ambient


Nicola Fornasari was born in Cremona, Italy in 1977 Italy. He began his musical career as the bass player and singer for hardcore band Entropia in 1995. Over the following eleven years, he contributed to releases on various international compilations, a 7” vinyl record with Tenia Records (ITA), and a full-length CD with Six Weeks Records (USA), while playing over a hundred shows across Italy and Europe. Since 2007 he has embarked on new musical projects, including Xu(e) (a duo with Andrea Poli), Xu (his solo project), La Petite Vague (a duo with Diego Balconi), and That Which is Not (a duo with Pier Giorgio Storti / Belaqua Shua). He is also a member of Twyxu and Zero Wait Ensemble. His works have been released on numerous labels, including Fluid Audio, Shimmering Moods, Slow Tone Collages, Krysalisound, Eilean, Flaming Pines, Rottenman Editions, Rohs! / Lontano, Twice Removed, Cathedral Transmissions, Triple Moon, Thirsty Leaves Music, Audio Gourmet, Tessellate, Haze, Many Feet Under, Subterranean Tide, and Laverna. He has also released with Whitelabrecs previously, with ‘Embodying Formlessness’ (2019) and ‘Slicing Space-time Into Objects’ (2022).

Francis Gri is an Italian composer based born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1982 and is based in Milan. Co-founder in 1999 of the ethereal dark band All My Faith Lost (Cold meat industry, Projekt Records) he left the band to create electronic and acoustic sounds. His first works with under the moniker Apart have been published by the Italian label Final Muzik. Francis is the founder and curator of KrysaliSound, a record label dedicated to experimental Ambient music and active between 2011-2023. While most of his works can be found in the KrysaliSound catalogue, he has also released music with many other labels including Final Muzik, Slowcraft Records, Time Released Sound, Shimmering Moods, and Midira. His music for Whitelabrecs includes ‘Apart’ (2018), Home Diaries 015 (2020) and ‘Soolo’, a collaboration with Grotta Veterano (2022). Francis’ sound is in a constant state of evolution, encompassing various ambient styles and techniques that blend oneiric and emotional resonances. With the use of acoustic instruments and electronic textures, his focus is to create a balance between darkness and purity that cohabit within our souls, moving around abstract imperfections, poetry and meditation.

‘Valley of Languages’ is the brainchild of these two musicians who, despite having never met in person, found themselves sharing and understanding the same musical space; which became the inspiration for the album title and its concept. This album is not just a collection of songs; it's a collaborative exploration of diversity and emotional resonance. It serves as a metaphorical meeting point where diverse musical languages and techniques converge, creating a rich tapestry of sound that transcends geographical boundaries. This album comprises six tracks, each a testament to the harmonious collaboration between two minds separated by distance, but united by a similar way of seeing and perceiving things.


Written and produced by Nicola Fornasari & Francis Gri

Mastered by Francis Gri

Photography by Francis Gri

Art and design by Andrew Heath



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