Whitelabrecs Spotify Playlists

  • Our first playlist was Calm Cloud, gathering together some of the most restful music we've released

  • There are many situations where this playlist would provide a suitable backdrop, such as music to induce sleep, meditation music or focus music

  • Calm, uplifting or positive pieces of music were selected

  • Expect reverb-drenched Ambient drones, environmental field recordings, deep bass and tape hiss

  • For our core catalog, we work with both electronic ambient music, and modern classical. Silver Screen is a playlist built around a cinematic classical style

  • We selected tracks from our discography which we think would be really strong in a film

  • The mood is dramatic, pensive or plain beautiful

  • You can expect to hear piano pieces, soaring strings, dramatic pieces underpinned by tension, and everything in between

  • We love guitar-driven electro-acoustic music and ambient music inspired by the use of traditional instruments

  • For Rustic Resonance we've chosen pieces where guitar and folk-music timbres can be felt strongly

  • We wanted an earthy feel to this playlist, selecting pieces which feel connected to the natural world

  • You'll hear faded electric guitar drones, languid acoustic compositions and plenty of warmth

  • Such is our love for both ambient music and modern classical music, we've released a lot of hybrid records blending these styles

  • Classical drift draws together a sound that can be both drifting and ambient, yet when the volume is turned up, can be consciously felt

  • The mood of the chosen tracks varies between light and serene, or tense and atmospheric

  • You'll hear droning cello textures, distant piano notes and cascading synths

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