We have 2 stores where you can browse our catalog and merch items; our Shopify store and Bandcamp. You can explore these by clicking the buttons but before you do there are some differences, so take a look underneath for an overview of each store:

  • Store hosted by Shopify

  • Exclusive Whitelabrecs merch

  • User-friendly shopping journey

  • More payment options

  • Shop App compatible

  • Occasional Store-exclusive discounts

  • Free shipping for UK CD orders above £30

  • Tax not collected (you may get import charges)

  • No digital download

  • Free downloads with all physical albums

  • Digital music options

  • Tax collected directly through Bandcamp

  • No customs import charges (we use IOSS)

  • Buy our full digital catalog for a huge discount

  • Add music to your Bandcamp collection

  • Exclusive back-catalog physical items

  • Occasional Bandcamp-exclusive discounts

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