Release Date: 20.04.2024
Format: Gatefold Vinyl
Catalog: WLR157

Genre: Electro Acoustic


Gloucestershire, UK based artist Andrew Heath returns to Whitelabrecs, following up on his album ‘Quiet Noise’ (2022) and collaborations with Simon McCorry ‘A Is For Autumn’ (2022) and Anne Chris Bakker ‘How To Breathe Like A Stone’ (2021). Andrew has also released music on labels including Fluid Audio, Disco Gecko, Audiobulb, Dronarivm, Shimmering Moods and more, through his solo output and collaborations with other artists.

Charting a lighter more open sound than recent albums, The Cloud Machine returns to and explores one of Andrew’s constant themes - his continuing fascination with and the depiction of, the simple innocence of his own childhood. In this case, a sound painting of light, radiance and naive joy through the metaphor of clouds and of a gaze drawn to the skies. From the ethereal beauty of The Cloud Machines and The Age of Enlightenment, to the memories of racing the shadows of clouds blown by the wind across fields as a young boy in Chasing Clouds, there is the ever present feel of blissful, innocence and wonderment at the beauty of the natural world around and above us.

The album explores these themes through Andrew’s use of his much loved piano and guitar and balancing them against constantly shifting, delicate and fragile electronic tones and textures. Using a lighter, more transparent tonal palette, The Cloud Machine has a gentle, blissful tone as though touching the drifting clouds overhead.


Written, Produced and Mastered by Andrew Heath

Artwork (Ghost Mills) by Zoë Heath

Art and Design by Andrew Heath



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