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Announcing: Boat by Low Altitude

February 23, 20241 min read


We're excited to announce a melodic voyage, as we can today share a sneak preview of 'Boat' by Low Altitude, ahead of a release next month. Following the success of his previous album 'Waves', this album promises a similarly serene experience, comprised of Ambient textures. It is scheduled for release on Saturday the 16th of March and it will be available for pre-order starting on Bandcamp Friday, the 1st of March. Hit play below to take a listen to a 5 minute preview of the album as you read below:


About Low Altitude:

Hailing from Belfast, growing up in Manchester, and now residing in the Welsh countryside, Bruce Magill's musical journey spans 30 years. After fronting guitar bands and producing electronic music, a 14-year hiatus ended during the 2020 lockdowns, leading to the birth of his current moniker.

Musical Background:

Magill's diverse musical history includes aliases like 'Tetsuo' in the Drum & Bass era and 'Superqueens' for Electronica. Collaborating with filmmaker Krishna Stott under his real name, Magill has composed soundtracks for short films and interactive movies. In 2022, his work featured in a Sony-sponsored immersive audio compilation, 'Immersive London Calling.'

Unravelling 'Boat':

'Boat' emerges from Magill's ambient explorations, combining piano, modular synths, and field recordings. The album emanates tranquility and solitude, inspired by the artist's moonlit sailing experiences along the Pembrokeshire coast in 2022. For an optimal experience, he recommends listening with headphones, though speakers still provide an exceptional auditory landscape.

Stay Afloat:

Before the official release date approaches, you can pre-order 'Boat' on Bandcamp from Friday the 1st of March. To stay tuned, why not subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page, to ensure you're the first to hear about the release when it drops.

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