Wales, UK

Ambient, Drone, Electronic


Hailing from Belfast, raised in Manchester, and currently residing in the serene Welsh countryside, Low Altitude's musical journey spans over three decades. Bruce Magill has evolved from a frontman in local guitar bands to solo work, exploring electronic music as a producer. He has released music with labels such as Criminal Communications, Skinny Dog Records, Supermarket Records, and Mailbox Records. The decision to step away from music in 2006 was a defining moment, but 2020 provided the perfect opportunity for a creative resurgence; "After a 14-year hiatus from music, I found solace and inspiration during the lockdowns of 2020" shares Bruce.

In recent years, Low Altitude’s sonic contributions extended to diverse projects, including the use of tracks from the ‘Waves’ LP in the wellbeing app Syntropy States. His participation in the Sony-sponsored immersive audio compilation, 'Immersive London Calling,' showcased his versatility with Low Altitude ambient tracks and Dub Techno creations under the name 'Seion’. His debut album for Whitelabrecs is called 'Boat' and is a series of lulling ambient drones, inspired through night sailing journeys around the Pembrokeshire coast.




Boat (2024)

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