Cremona, Italy

Ambient, Electro-Acoustic


Nicola Fornasari was born in Cremona, Italy in 1977. He began his musical career as the bass player and singer for the hardcore band Entropia in 1995. Over the following eleven years, he contributed to releases on various international compilations, a 7" with Tenia Records (ITA), and a full-length CD with Six Weeks Records (USA), while playing over a hundred shows across Italy and Europe.

Starting from 2007 he embarked on new musical projects, including Xu(e) (a duo with Andrea Poli), Xu (his solo project), La Petite Vague (a duo with Diego Balconi), and That Which is Not (a duo with Pier Giorgio Storti / Belaqua Shua) in 2020. He is also a member of Twyxu and Zero Wait enSemble.

Currently, Nicola works as a graphic designer and teacher. His works have been released on various labels, including Fluid, Whitelabrecs, Shimmering Moods, Slow Tone Collages, Krysalisound, Eilean, Flaming Pines, Rottenman Editions, Rohs! / Lontano, Twice Removed, Cathedral Transmissions, Triple Moon, Thirsty Leaves Music, Audio Gourmet, Tessellate, Haze, Many Feet Under, Subterranean Tide, and Laverna. He has collaborated with artists such as Darren Harper, Bill Seaman, and Oberlin. In addition to music, Nicola's interests include meditation, qi gong, tai-chi and hiking.




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