Milan, Italy

Ambient, Electro-Acoustic


Francis Gri is an Italian composer based born in Geneva in 1982 and based in Milan. Co-founder in 1999 of the ethereal dark band All My Faith Lost (Cold meat industry, Projekt Records) he left the band soon to create electronic and acoustic sounds in a mix of dream-like images and emotions. His first works with the moniker Apart have been published by the Italian label Final Muzik.

He was the founder and curator of KrysaliSound, experimental label dedicated to experimental ambient music from 2011 to 2023. While most of his works can be found in the KrysaliSound catalogue, he has also released music with many other labels including Final Muzik, Whitelabrecs, Slowcraft Records, Time Released Sound, Shimmering Moods, and Midira.

His sound is in a constant state of evolution, encompassing various ambient styles and techniques that blend oneiric and emotional resonances. With the use of acoustic instruments and electronic textures his focus is to create the right balance between darkness and purity that cohabit in our souls moving around abstract imperfections, poetry and meditation.




Valley Of Languages with Xu (2024)

Soolo with Grotta Veterano (2022)

Apart (2018)

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