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Unveiling: Every Creeping Thing by Simon McCorry & Wodwo

April 20, 20242 min read

Step into this celebration of nature's subtleties, blending cello, ambient guitar and modular synth compositions...

Today we’re pleased to share the release of ‘Every Creeping Thing’ by British artists Simon McCorry and Wodwo!

Simon McCorry is a composer hailing from Gloucestershire who specialises in crafting music and soundscapes for theater and contemporary dance, collaborating with the likes of Old Vic Productions and House of Absolute. As a cellist, he blends his instrument with electronics and field recordings, earning praise for his electro-orchestral compositions that oscillate between intimate reflections and grandiose swells, as noted by MOJO. Whitelabrecs fans may recall Simon’s solo releases on the label, as well as his collaborations with Andrew Heath and anthéne, and now, this latest collaboration with Wodwo.

Wodwo, the musical alias of Ray Robinson, is a novelist and screenwriter based in Derbyshire, who has captured ears as well as eyes with his serene ambient guitar arrangements since his music debut in 2018. He is also one half of JARR with Jon Attwood.

‘Every Creeping Thing’ celebration of mud and moss and slugs and bugs and roots and damp – songs of the forgotten, the small, the overlooked. A musical approach of letting things unfold and follow their path, passing material back and forth, leaving space and following a philosophy of less is more. Live-recorded guitar, cello, and modular synth were used to create an immersive sonic exploration.

The concept of this record is inspired by John Masefield's poetry and the track titles are borrowed with permission from Jacob Polley's collection ‘Jackself’. The album's cover art, crafted by Christopher Crouch and Cherish Marrington, adds another layer of depth to the auditory journey, drawing from their collaboration in The Book of Comets. With this album, McCorry and Robinson invite audiences to embrace the beauty of the more-than-human world, where every whisper and rustle tells a story of mud, moss, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

'Every Creeping Thing' is available in a limited run of 100 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs and in various high-quality digital formats. You can order your physical or digital copy today by clicking HERE!

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