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Guest Mix: Low Altitude

March 10, 20242 min read


To coincide with his new album 'Boat' released here on Whitelabrecs, Bruce Magill (Low Altitude) presents this special Ambient mix. It blends tracks from artists including Jogging House, Taylor Deupree, Jon Hopkins and Nala Sinephro. Not to mention the inclusion of some artists we've worked with on Whitelabrecs, such as Andrew Heath, Steve Pacheco and our label owner Harry Towell, in his collaboration with Guy Gelem for Polar Seas Recordings.

The mix is hosted on Harry's Mixcloud as a guest mix takeover and the cover artwork features a Polaroid image that Bruce took in Pembrokeshire. This image was in fact an error, but it produced this blurred, abstract effect. It is a perfect representation of this mix, as ambient textures from a range of scene favourites are carefully blended. You can listen by hitting the play button below, or visiting the Mixcloud page HERE.



1 Green-House 'Peperomia Seedling'
2 Porya Hatami 'Sea'
3 Austin Rockman 'Illuma'
4 Nala Sinephro 'Space 7'
5 Steve Pacheco 'I Remember You'
6 Jogging House 'Detour'
7 Taylor Deupree 'Atum'
8 Andrew Heath 'Melancholia'
9 Low Altitude 'Boat'
10 Harry Towell & Guy Gelem 'Magnolia Hall'
11 Jon Hopkins 'Ascending, Dawn Sky'
12 Ann Annie 'Wander Into'
13 Fuubutsushi 'Bolted Orange'
14 Toan 'Ambre'
15 Hiroshi Yoshimura 'Dream'
16 Cole Police & Nat Harvey 'Clean and Perfect'
17 Nala Sinephro 'Space 8'

About Boat:

Drawing inspiration from modern minimalism, astral jazz and movie soundtracks, 'Boat' explores emotions anchored by a recurring drone motif. You are invited to join on this sonic voyage, inspired by the sensation of sailing by the light of the moon and the stars. A postcard of a 2022 coastal retreat along the Pembrokeshire coast, 'Boat' captures the essence of nature with encounters with seals, dolphins and seagulls.

Explore Boat:

You can check out 'Boat' by hitting play below. The album releases officially on the 16th of March and is available in a limited run of 100 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs, as well as a range of high quality digital formats. You can head over to the release page HERE and from the 16th of March, the album will be released and you can stream all 13 tracks

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