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Announcing: Homegrown Apples by Mark David Hadley

February 20, 20241 min read


Today we can share one of the tracks from a mini album from Mark David Hadley, which is due for release this Saturday the 24th of February. 'Homegrown Apples' is Mark's debut release for Whitelabrecs and will become the 25th edition to our digital-only eRecords series. Hit play on the Soundcloud player below to hear opening track 'Lichen':


About Mark David Hadley:

Mark David Hadley, a Sheffield-based musician and multimedia artist, has cultivated a diverse journey in sound and music. From playing violin in school and city orchestras in Birmingham to exploring sound installation and field recording during his studies in sculpture in Sheffield, Mark's sonic palette is rich and varied. His work encompasses a wide range of instruments, including guitar and violin, found sounds and objects, field recordings, and software, resulting in ambient music, sound recordings, and visual art.

Works and projects:

Mark's contributions extend beyond his personal projects, as he has produced tape works for a BMW car launch, co-founded the experimental sound magazine Noisegate, organized experimental music events, and completed an artist residency at Sheffield University Sound Studios. His releases on the Töshöklabs and Discus labels showcase the depth of his artistic expression.

Despite an extended hiatus from releasing music, Mark reemerged during the pandemic, self-releasing music and collections of field recordings. 'Homegrown Apples' is a six track EP/mini album, marking his debut release for Whitelabrecs.

Stay Tuned:

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