Release Date: 20.01.2024
Format: Gatefold Vinyl
Catalog: WLR151

Genre: Ambient, Electro-Acoustic


Since 2019 we’ve run our now-flagship compilation series known as the ‘sleeplaboratory’. These full length records gather together artists who have previously released with Whitelabrecs, alongside future collaborators and other renowned names in the ambient and related scenes. It is a series which aims to induce the listener into a peaceful sleep, or if not, at least instil a sense of calm. The line-up of past contributors, including Offthesky, Janek Schaefer, Stijn Huwels, Ian Hawgood, The Green Kingdom, Warmth and Halftribe as well as label artists including Mikael Lind, Gray Acres, Sven Laux, Glåsbird and Andrew Heath continues with this fourth edition to the series.

This new record sees further artists from Whitelabrecs join the project, such as The Inventors of Aircraft, Paper Relics, Michael Scott Dawson, Tatsuro Murakami and Glacis & Adrian Lane. These are joined by the likes of David Cordero, Giannis Gogos, Low Altitude and Wil Bolton in a blend of ambient drones, sleepy electro-acoustics and modern classical composition. This album is intended as a relaxing companion for either conscious or sub-conscious listening, with each of the contributing artists briefed to create something vacant and restful. It is released in a run of 100 physical copies in our signature ‘gatefold LP’ styled vinyl-effect CDr package, complete with beautiful artwork provided over 4 panels featuring photography by our label owner Harry Towell.

As always, we will not make any recommendation on how our listeners might best enjoy this record and so it’s down to you to choose the best environment to listen, whether this be late at night with headphones, on a loud hi fi system or streamed quietly in a dimly lit room.


Curated by Harry Towell

All rights reserved with the individual artists

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Photography by Harry Towell

Art and design by Andrew Heath


Musique Machine: "Things begin with the glitchy, 90s-like “Yarmouth” by Michael Scott Dawson, announcing the decidedly nostalgic character of the sonic material to follow. In this respect, there is nothing groundbreakingly new here, no surprises up sleeplaboratory4.0’s sleeve. Lilting synths supported by hazy washes of processed sine waves, like the layers on Will Bolton’s “Drowse” that just barely hold together, folding over one another without ever achieving full saturation. Standout tracks include Giannis Gogos’ “Lost Tapes” – yet another titular nod to the comp’s stated aims – which introduces a slowly plucked guitar within its fabric of wow and flutter, and Tatsuro Murakami & Shuta Vasulkoch’s “Harmonius”, which transposes the open chorded structure of “Lost Tape” onto keys. Wodwo’s “Cocteau Summers” is a self-admitted nod to the 80s pioneers of the warbled tape aesthetic, where the entire piece feels as though it were submerged in water. This is symptomatic of sleeplaboratory4.0 as a whole, which pulls apart individual notes without succumbing to arpeggiation, careful not to impose a repetitive pattern on the heavily processed source material."

Stationary Travels: "The fourth volume of the label’s Sleeplaboratory series that features no less than 14 tracks intended to serve “as a relaxing companion for either conscious or sub-conscious listening.” While many of the contributing artists have released music on the label previously, some make their first appearance on this particular series while others are new to the roster altogether. For many listeners that means this album can double as jumping off point for discovery across a spectrum of ambient, electroacoustic, and modern classical music, but rest assured the curatorial compass her is always pointed to true north and both selection and sequencing work together very well to deliver the desired anodyne effect."

The Slow Music Movement: "Rather like your favourite annual events - Christmas or carnival say, which seem to come round quicker every year & help mark the passing of time, the Sleeplaboratory compilation from ambient authority Whitelabrecs is here again. Intended "to induce the listener into a peaceful sleep, or if not, at least instil a sense of calm", this fine compilation includes a raft of TSMM faves & a couple of new names I'm keen to check out. Look no further for your Sunday soundtrack."

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