Gloucestershire, UK

Modern Classical, Ambient


Born in London, Simon McCorry is a cellist and composer based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. He has created music and sound design for theatre, contemporary dance, film and installation for over 20 or so, working with companies such as Headlong, Old Vic Productions, Tiata Fahodzi, House of Absolute, Javaad Alipoor Company and Fabula Collective. Simon is an accomplished cellist and often uses the instrument in his work, sometimes processing and combining cello with electronics, field recordings, and other instruments.

Simon's music has been described as "electro-orchestral drone-scapes of, by turns, gauzy intimacy and soaring grandeur” (Mojo), “a wonderful mix of thought and feeling, of seeing how far you can push the musical form, where the lines of demarcation lie and what happens when you step over them” (Dancing About Architecture), “its gentle face is rife with real wounds, a work cast in human imperfection, resulting in a genuinely emotional listen” (DAAM).

Being of mixed British/Indian ethnicity and recently diagnosed with epilepsy, these experiences inform and guide Simon's practice, and he explores themes of otherness and fragility. His music has featured on labels such as Naviar Records, Polar Seas and Whitelabrecs as well as self-released music and collaborations with other artists such as Andrew Heath and anthéne. Simon has also used spoken word/poetry in a collaboration with choreographer/dancer Satoko Fukuda called ‘Fragments of Time and City', as a way to express Simon's broken relationship with time and space resulting from epilepsy.

Artist photograph taken at Cafe Oto by Dawid Laskowski




Every Creeping Thing (with Wodwo) (2024)

A Is For Autumn (with Andrew Heath) (2022)

The Equation of Time (with anthéne) (2021)

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