Release Date: 20.01.2024
Format: Gatefold Vinyl
Catalog: WLR152

Genre: Ambient, Drone


David Cordero is an artist from Cadiz in Southern Spain, whose previous works have been released on several labels, such as Home Normal, Dronarivm, Archives, Lontano Series, Past Inside the Present and more. He has been active as an artist recording under his own name since 2012 and also performs live regularly, predominantly in Spain for festivals such as Lapsus, Offf, Eufónic, Nocturama and Spai Sonor, and has also toured in Japan. Live performance has seen David share a stage with the likes of Donnacha Costello, Space Africa, Alva Noto, Minamo, Pepo Galán, Ylia and Kenji Kihara and he has collaborated to make albums with artists including Ian Hawgood, Anthéne, Rhucle, Kenji Kihara, Carlos Ferreira, Pepo Galán, Miguel Otero and Warmth to name just a few.

David has no defined approach when it comes to recording and creating music in his home studio, allowing the moment alone to dictate the sounds he’ll create, from the instruments he chooses and the concepts he wishes to explore.

In his debut album for Whitelabrecs which is entitled ‘Restless Nature’, he carved a collection of minimalist ambient tracks by using a modular synthesiser, effects pedals, field recordings and tape processing. David wanted to work mainly with atmospheres, using small melodies and just a few sounds, fed through many effects including plenty of reverb, which generated a peaceful atmosphere. The album does not have a clear concept in which to share with the listener however, the music was strongly influenced by walks in which David admired the natural landscapes around him, as he listened to the work he was creating. For us as listeners, the album may also help us connect with the natural world, whilst reminding of both its fragility, and its constant state of cyclical change and bio rhythms.


Written and produced by David Cordero

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Photography by George Korunov

Art and design by Andrew Heath


A Closer Listen: "David Cordero‘s Restless Nature is [similarly] wintry, a minimalist synth excursion, its reverberations amplified like the the echoes of winter woods"

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