Release Date: 11.02.2023
Format: Gatefold Vinyl
Catalog: WLR129

Genre: Electro-Acoustic, Modern Classical


Guy Gelem is a composer from Israel, who returns to the Whitelabrecs discography following digital release ‘Scenario’ and 2016’s ‘Entirety’. Guy has also created music for labels including Rural Colours, Split Femur, Quiet Design, Mini 50 ,Time Released Sound and Polar Seas. With the latter, he collaborated alongside Whitelabrecs owner Harry Towell, in an album called ‘Restful Spaces’.

Guy performs cello as part of ensembles and also comes from a background of playing electric guitar in bands. Since focusing on his own solo compositions, he typically combines both of these instruments together in his work, influenced by many styles including neo classical, jazz, electronic, post rock, Arabic and North African music.

For his latest album ‘Passing by and Through’, Guy began by recording layers of organic sounds, such as field recordings and some experiments on a Casio Earl 90 keyboard, as well as cello and guitar performances. Improvisation and an experimental approach was central to the creation of this music, focusing on a central nostalgic theme as the creative force. This album is dedicated to Guy’s personal journey in life so far, a fusion of periods, places, chapters, situations and other sentimental motifs. Each track title gives the listener clues about the detail that inspired the music. Nostalgia often brings about melancholy feelings but Guy wanted this record to glance optimistically towards the future too.


Written and Produced by Guy Gelem

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Artwork by Amit Levy

Art and Design by Andrew Heath


The Slow Music Movement: "Join Guy Gelem as he takes a trip down memory lane for Whitelabrecs. Adept on cello and guitar - which he layers on textural field recordings & distant hints of his casio sonic sketch pad, he then digs deep into his Middle Eastern roots & Western musical predilections to reflect on what has passed, on this fine slice of ambient neoclassical nostalgia."

Possible Musics: "7/10 - Pour son dernier album « Passing by and Through », Guy a commencé par enregistrer des couches de sons organiques, tels que des enregistrements de terrain et quelques expériences sur un clavier Casio Earl 90, ainsi que des performances de violoncelle et de guitare. L’improvisation et une approche expérimentale étaient au cœur de la création de cette musique, se concentrant sur un thème nostalgique central comme force créatrice."

Music Won't Save You: "Autobiografia improvvisata per violoncello, tastiere, chitarra e field recordings: questo, in estrema sintesi, il contenuto tematico e musicale di “Passing By And Through”, lavoro confezionato da Guy Gelem come una fusione ininterrotta di suoni e sensazioni. L’alternanza tra passaggi riflessivi e vivaci incastri tra dinamiche dagli echi jazzy, tra frammenti organici e note puntiformi dai movimenti ellittici simboleggia fedelmente quella tra i moti dell’animo del compositore israeliano. La prevalenza negli otto brani in scaletta di un’aura nostalgica ammanta di seppiate tonalità orientali un percorso interiore sommesso ma brulicante di vita."

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