Stockholm, Sweden

Modern Classical


Henrik Meierkord is a cellist, artist and composer from Helsingborg, Sweden who currently lives in Stockholm. He returns to Whitelabrecs following his ‘Cello Improvisations’ EP (2023) and the collaborative album ‘Inseln’ with Logic Moon (2022). He has also previously released music on labels such as Ambientologist, Audiobulb, Projekt records, Ella ruth Institutet and Subcontinental Records. Henrik began playing cello aged of 12, progressing to play in classical orchestras, onto performing in bands and then creating his own music. He has also collaborated and performed for artists such as Ossler, Pawel Kobak, Marco Lucchi, Meipr, Sole and Strulgattu.

Typically Henrik’s approach to composition tends to begin with the cello, before further layers of strings are added, such as double bass or violin. But often, he will create music intuitively and free from set rules; sometimes a piece of music can be started with a synthesiser or piano, or written purely as an experiment.




Proscenium (2024)

Inseln (with Logic Moon) (2022)

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