Release Date: 09.12.2023
Format: Record Wallet
Catalog: WLR149

Genre: Ambient, Post Rock


First Snow of The Year is the project of Belgium-based artist Erik Sevenans, who adopted this moniker in 2017 following his relocation to Munich, Germany. Whilst grappling with a foreign language and adjusting to his new environment, Erik found himself in the midst of an exceptionally cold winter that year. During this period of adaptation, he embarked on the creation of an album, delving into the exploration of ambient textures, a departure from his usual musical terrain. The album, born out of this experimental phase, coincided with the first snowfall of the year, thus being the reason for the project's distinctive name. Originally conceived as Erik's personal soundtrack for his daily subway commute while engrossed in Murakami novels, the project took on a life of its own.

In 2018, Erik made a conscious decision to turn this into an annual tradition, committing to record an album each year following the first snowfall. The raw essence of his second album served as the demo version for his release with Whitelabrecs, titled "Awakening of the Pines". The record drew inspiration from Munich's surroundings, the majestic Alps, the Isar river, and the nearby forest. During the challenges posed by the Covid-19 lockdowns and beyond, Erik experienced a surge in creative productivity. He dedicated time to refining his sound, experimenting with techniques, and applying newfound knowledge to both the development of fresh material and the enhancement of his existing body of work.

The writing of "Awakening of the Pines" involved diverse techniques and ideas, reflecting Erik's pursuit of discovery. The initial compositions varied in style, with some leaning towards a post-rock aesthetic and others embracing a more synth-based approach. Despite this diversity, the common thread binding the tracks on this record together was the inspiration from his surrounding environment alongside the novels he was reading at the time. Each piece retains its original character, preserving the essence of its initial spark, creating a cohesive yet eclectic album.


Written and produced by Erik Sevenans

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Cover artwork by Erik Sevenans

Art and design by Andrew Heath

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