Whitelabrecs was set up by Harry Towell who is from Lincolnshire, UK in late 2015 as another outlet to put out experimental electronic/acoustic music. It followed on from netlabel Audio Gourmet and the now defunct Tessellate label and focuses on a highly limited collectable series of vinyl-effect CDr packaging.

From 2016 to 2018, Whitelabrecs’ packaging followed a set formula:
50 x Vinyl-effect CDrs for each release, housed in card sleeves with a circular cut-out, rubber-stamped artist/album titles with a polaroid-style print of the cover artwork. These look just like mini white label records.
In 2019, we launched a more premium CDr packaging style which mimics the gatefold vinyl LP. We work with a range of photographers on the artwork for each release and increased the run to 100 copies.

With Whitelabrecs, we strive to stretch the boundaries of the Ambient music genre, with our ears wide open to allow us to curate a diverse catalog. We’re just as happy releasing music by new and undiscovered artists as we are when working with more established artists. To date, our catalog has tended to lean towards Ambient, Drone, Modern Classical, Electro-Acoustic and Folk genres.

As well as our standard issue vinyl-effect album releases, we also produce occasional mixtape cassettes, made up from Whitelabrecs material and selected/mixed by artists and friends. We are also prone to create the occasional detour from our usual packaging design, in which we may opt for increased runs or printed packaging for select artists or compilation releases.

New for 2021, we launched a collaboration with Art North Magazine with a digital series called <facets> in which both a sound and visual artist work together to produce a work of multi-media art. You can find out more about the project by clicking HERE.

One thought on “About

  1. Harry!
    What you offer is pure magic, keeps me alive, vivacious and open…the music here is of such high caliber, it’s hard to believe sometimes!


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