Release Date: 15.04.2023
Format: Gatefold Vinyl
Catalog: WLR132

Genre: Electro Acoustic, Folk


We’re proud to present the debut album from The Dead Bell which is a Trans-Atlantic collaboration between Euan Millar-McMeeken (Glacis) and Michael Cottone (The Green Kingdom). Between them, these experienced artists have released their music through numerous labels including the likes of Home Normal, Lost Tribe Sound, Dronarivm, Oscarson, Sound in Silence, Hidden Vibes, Fluid Audio, Rusted Tone and Past Inside the Present. Some may recall that Euan had a previous release with us back in 2020; another collaborative album which was with Gavin Miller.

Euan is originally from Dundee in Scotland but now works in London, via Newcastle and Edinburgh. He developed his solo and studio work as glacis in 2010,after many years spent performing vocals and keys in a band. Other collaborations include gallowglas with Johan G Winther and Civic Hall with Craig Tattersall. Mike has been active as The Green Kingdom since 2005 and hails from Shelby Township, Michigan. He has developed an electro-acoustic sound that blends guitars, synths, sampled textures and field recordings.

‘A Moment at Dawn’ combines Euan’s intimate-sounding piano recordings and additional software-driven sounds with Mike’s signature guitar and melodic embellishments,with no set theme or concept. The project progressed naturally, as these two musicians shared and developed their sounds and ideas. The cover artwork by Casey Horner had become a focal point for their work and aptly reflects the title of the album; A Moment at Dawn.


Written and produced by Euan Millar McMeeken and Michael Cottone

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Cover photo by Casey Horner

Packaging layout by Michael Cottone


Stationary Travels: "The Dead Bell is a brand-new Trans-Atlantic collaboration between two artists who are anything but nascent – Michigan-based Michael Cottone, who has released numerous albums under the moniker of The Green Kingdom, and Euan Millar-McMeeken from Dundee, Scotland who also releases music as Glacis. The new project is one that the artists allowed to develop naturally around the interplay of Cottone’s acoustic & electric guitars with Millar-McMeeken’s piano and electronic treatments. The title A Moment at Dawn proves quite apt as the pair deftly combine these elements to create a true sense of stillness and reflection."

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