new mix show! vervine003

It seems like ages since we last made a Vervine mix show and this is largely down to having moved house. These shows are great fun to make, but we’ve seen why it would have been difficult to commit to a monthly show. So after a bit of a new year pause, here’s the next Vervine show, as usual, hosted by our label owner Harry Towell.

This third show features recent Whitelabrecs pieces from the likes of Guy Gelem, Peter Kvidera, Wodwo, Glåsbird, thisfloatingworld and a piece from Hoshiko Yamane’s forthcoming album. It also features jazz, shoegaze, folk, indie, chillout and ambient music and then this show is rounded off with a Deep House mix.

The cover artwork for this new show was created from a photo of a painting from Harry’s daughter Emily, who was learning one day last year about paint, colour and art, with the help of her Mummy. Harry was struck by its abstract shapes, colours and texture and knew he’d use it in a musical project sometime.

Already we’re planning the next show and we hope it won’t be too long a wait next time. But for now, here’s Vervine003:

01 Masako Ohta/Matthias LindermayrLa
02 Guy Gelem Relocations
03 Joel Vandroogenbroeck Mutation
04 Ballake Sissoko & Patrick Messina & Vincent Segal Jeu Sur La Symphonie Fantastique
05 Tokyo Bloodworm Pale The Clerics Pass
06 Wodwo Veils
07 Peter Kvidera Obsaženo
08 Afterlife Dust
09 TLF Trio Suite X
10 Hoshiko Yamane – Patiently
11 Harry Towell & Sven Laux Ground Moraine
12 Tone Dawn
13 Glåsbird Tired Seams
14 Efterklang The Living Layer
15 thisfloatingworld airs
16 Alan Licht Raw Deal
17 Telly Quin – My Funny Side Up
18 Pender Street Slippers – The Glass City
19 Jonas Palzer – Friendssection
20 Hamatsuki – Kandzaia
21 Izmo – Echoes
22 Jump Source – S Recovery
23 Nacho Riveros – Moment Of My Life
24 Yadava – Heart Strings
25 Edward White – Cool Water
26 Fantastic Man – St. Elmo’s Theme
27 Intr0beatz – Trees Breez
28 Tour-Maubourg – Might Groove
29 D’Arabia – Key Lime (Harry Wolfman Remix)
30 Zoo Look – I Can’t Deny