Coming soon…Jens Pauly – Vihne

Still we keep the run count at 100 copies of special gatefold LP style packaging design, with our last release by Glåsbird which has almost sold out. Next up we welcome Cologne, Germany based artist Jens Pauly whose last album r/f emerged in 2017 and Karlrecords. Vihne is a delicate sprinkling of electro-acoustic melancholy over 8 tracks, complete with beautiful artwork courtesy of photography by Chung Sungdong and Peter Nejedly, as well as the nifty design work by Jens. We’ll release this on or around the 9th of March 2019. The floating fragments of piano, guitars, synth and sine waves will surely appeal to those who follow the 12k catalog, in particular Marcus Fischer, Taylor Deupree or Solo Andata.

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press release
“Floating through empty streets late at night. No other people around, no distraction from a dialogue happening inside of you – looking for something, looking for nothing, looking for anything relevant.
Jens Pauly’s second album ‘Vihne’ is the soundtrack to a search between flickering lights and a cloudy sky, between emptiness and being alive. It asks the essential questions within us, in a tranquil state neither here nor there.
Each track marks a microcosm of its own, a small journey through worlds engulfed in memories.

Jens Pauly is a musician and artist from Cologne, Germany, who has previously released an album named r/f on Karlrecords. In his earlier years, Jens performed in punk and metal bands before he eventually began to compose more synth-based solo work as Ghostrider which he released with labels such as Digitalis and Tranquility Tapes.
Since debuting under his own name with r/f in 2017, Jens has developed an electro-acoustic sound which is both sparse and engulfing yet at the same time warm and melancholic. When we first heard Jens’ demo, we were reminded of the beautiful Ambient sounds that 12k might put out, such as work by Marcus Fischer, Solo Andata and Taylor Deupree. However, Jens has since shared with us that some of the artists that influenced this work are Oren Ambarchi, early Hiroshi Yoshimura and Vikki Jackman.

There is a sound palette that at first listen is stripped back but on closer inspection, Vihne is something steeped in detail, the music flows and feels weightless, as passages of guitars, piano, sine wave and cassette dictaphone recordings softly collide into a dreamy collage. If r/f was ‘5 straight lines in a circle’, Vihne is ‘8 circles on a line’ and although these tracks are parts of the wider picture of this album, it is intended to transfer an overall atmosphere as one whole journey.”

Written and produced by Jens Pauly
Mastered by Alexandr Vatagin
Photography by Choi Sungdong and Peter Nejedly
Packaging design by Jens Pauly
Press release foreword by Ralph Schmidt

Out Now! dziadosz/mreńca – mirage (reworks)

Next we welcome Polish artists Bartosz Dziadosz and Tomasz Mreńca with Mirage, which is a reissue and adaptation from a release on Taalem last year. The album includes artwork by Peter Nejedly and the album opens with interpretations of the original Modern Classical composition by SpheruleusSven Laux and Giulio Aldinucci. The remastered version of Mirage then closes out this record, with the dark and mysterious listening experience recalling the work of The Frozen Vaults, Erik Skodvin or Max Richter.

This album was announced to our mailing list last weekend and there are but a few copies left at the time of writing. You can listen to the album in full by hitting play above or clicking the link below, where you can purchase a physical or digital version. To avoid missing out on our future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE

Whitelabrecs low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu.

press release
Bartosz Dziadosz and Tomasz Mreńca are friends and artists from Poland. They started collaborating on musical projects a few years ago, most notably as part of modern classical group The Frozen Vaults which also include Harry Towell, Yuki Murata and Dave Dhonau. This group saw a far flung collaboration with locations including the United Kingdom, Japan as well as Poland and recordings shared over great distance as the project developed.

In ‘Mirage’ and also the recent ‘Black Lake’, the project sees Bartosz and Tomasz collaborate closer to home. Bartosz records solo material as Pleq and works with sound as part of the theatre whereas Tomasz generates sounds on analog synthesisers and violin. Mirage was originally released as a 3 inch CDr via Belgian label Taâlem last year and we’re pleased to present this piece in its remastered state, alongside reworks and interpretations from Spheruleus, Sven Laux and Giulio Aldinucci. Each of these renowned composers were invited to portray the dark, mysterious passages of Mirage in a different light, making for an album experience rather than a simple reissue with ‘remixes’.

Spheruleus selected a looping section of the original strings in a brooding, dramatic piece steeped in tape decay, Sven Laux has focused more on the timbral quality of the strings whereas Giulio Aldinucci sculpts the piece into a dynamic drone which reaches a subtly noise shrouded crescendo. The reworks are followed by the original, in all its glory.

We’re informed that Mirage was inspired by Witold Lutosławski as Bartosz and Tomasz had listened to his work together.
When they set about composing Mirage, they wanted to create this in their image and since they are so used to each other’s company, they did not need to labour into plans and concepts. Instead, the music flowed freely. The concept became the action of creating itself, in a way which etches a description of the artists themselves, for the listener to decode.

Written and produced Bartosz Dziadosz and Tomasz Mreńca
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Artwork by Peter Nejedly

Out now! WLR004 José Soberanes – The Rising Tide

Our fourth highly limited edition album is available today, in a run of just 50 copies! ‘The Rising Tide‘ is from Mexican sound artist José Soberanes and sees us return to some of the immersive Ambient/sound design work you may have heard in our first two releases. It is accompanied by artwork by Slovakian photographer Peter Nejedly. The album went up for sale to our mailing list last weekend with most copies having shifted already. There are just a few available still and these remaining copies can be grabbed by clicking HERE or the player above. Once it’s all sold out, you’ll still be able to purchase a digital version – to avoid missing out in the future, why not join our mailing list?

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press release
“José Soberanes is a sound artist from the small town of Tula de Allende, Hidalgo, Mexico. Through his various projects, his work has appeared on labels such as Twice Removed, Impulsive Habitat, Éter Lab, Found Toys Creative and Mexican labels We Only Share (WOS) and Abolipop/Suplex.
José began working with sound around 4 years ago but has been rooted in music since his childhood with diverse influences including IDM, minimalism, micro sound, modern classical, experimental ambient, sound art, death metal and jazz.

His approach to producing Ambient/Drone music begins with small trips around his neighbourhood, taking in the sounds and moments that occur before taking this inspiration back to his studio.
In The Rising Tide, José strived to create something that would reflect his feelings of loss, anxiety and hope during what was a difficult time. These three elements form the basis of a thoroughly immersive sound environment spanning around 45 minutes with glimmers of hope flickering in and out of a wall of despair. Various sound sources were used within the 6 tracks, including acoustic and electric guitar, analogue synthesizer, static, analogue effects pedals, tape loops, field recordings and found sound.

The Rising Tide is an album that is designed to challenge the listener to rise above life’s turmoil, to take a chance and to make the best of every situation.”

Catalog number: WLR004
Written, produced and mastered by José Soberanes
Photography by Peter Nejedly