A New Arrival!

On the 25th of September we’re proud to announce the birth of our beautiful baby daughter Isla!

In the run up to the birth, Harry created a relaxing Ambient mix as he and his wife had looked into ‘hypnobirthing‘ during antenatal classes. The mix includes plenty of warm, relaxing material from Whitelabrecs as well as works from the likes of Taylor Deupree, Ghost and Tape and Sven Laux. It was blended using harmonic mixing techniques in Traktor 2 to create a continuous, flowing listening experience.

You can check out the mix by hitting the play button on the Mixcloud player above and float away for half an hour or so.

01 Valotihkuu – Deep Phase [Unreleased]
02 Steve Pacheco – Aspen Grove [Whitelabrecs]
03 The Prairie Lines – Stop Haunting My Door [Whitelabrecs]
04 Jose Silva – Two Feel Studies [Whitelabrecs]
05 Valotihkuu – Sitting On The Grass Under The Stars [Whitelabrecs]
06 Tone Color – Voigt-Kampff [Assembly Field]
07 Anthéne – Surfacing [Unreleased]
08 Taylor Deupree – Unearth [Spekk]
09 Helios – Dreams [Ghostly International]
10 Ghost and Tape – Anemone [Home Normal]
11 Sven Laux – She Was Here [Archives]