Out Now! Guy Gelem – Scenario

For our next digital EP, we welcome back Guy Gelem from Jerusalem, Israel. Scenario combines the sound of guitar and cello along with additional subtle textures.

Scenario is released today, Monday the 21st of June. If you join our mailing list , we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear about future editions.

press release
“In our next digital release we welcome back Guy Gelem from from Jerusalem, Israel. Guy has released music with labels including Quiet Design, Mini50, Time Release Sound and Rural Colours. He also contributed the album ‘Entirety’ back in 2016, our inaugural year. ‘Scenario’ is an EP created using his signature instruments, cello and guitar, with which he has woven a collection of tracks reflecting on themes of creation. The concept considers the world and its processes; how everything is organised, and as one gigantic scenario.


Written and produced by Guy Gelem
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Peter Nejedly

Whitelabrecs Box Set

We’re busy working behind the scenes on our next release which is imminent, however we’ve had the idea for a long time of putting together a Box Set of our first 20 releases so that there is at least some way of people new to the label being able to get a copy of our many sold out/out of print items.

We’ve made it clear that we won’t re-press any albums as we want to keep things small and collectable but for those looking to either preserve the collection or play ‘catch-up’ if they’ve only recently discovered us we think it’d be cool to make things available as a box set.

The package itself is simple and ‘DIY‘, very much like each of the CDr releases we put out with a card board box being the perfect size to comfortably house the 20 discs. The box will be hand-stamped in an ink colour of your choosing and the vinyl-style CDrs will be contained with a polaroid of the cover artwork and inside card sleeves. Again, you can choose the colour of the sleeves.
You’ll be contacted following your purchase and we’ll consult on your options and then we’ll order the materials, burn the discs and deliver to you securely!

You can visit our dedicated page on the Whitelabrecs Bandcamp site where an order can be placed by clicking below or HERE


Coming soon…Guy Gelem | Entirety

As hinted on our Facebook page recently, we’ve another highly limited released lined up. This time, it’s in the form of ‘Entirety‘ by Israel based cellist/artist Guy Gelem. Entirety will be available to order within the next week or so and will appeal to fans of the modern classical and eastern sub genres of Ambient music. You can listen to a preview of the album using the Soundcloud player below or keep an eye on our Facebook page to see a preview of the packaging.

Whitelabrecs low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu.

press release
“Guy Gelem is a well travelled cellist and experimental artist from Israel with previous work made available through labels such as Quiet Design, Time Released Sound, Rural Colours and Mini50.
Guy’s sound is underpinned by the unique sound of his cello which is accompanied by recordings of other instruments such as guitars and an old Casio keyboard and typically his approach to composition is to layer the recordings, adding subtle passages of drone and textured field recordings.
His distinctive sound is striking so it’s no wonder that his musical influences are wide; these range from Radiohead, John Cage and Thelonius Monk, onto North African and traditional Jewish composers as well as taking in influences from nature, film and philosophy.

In ‘Entirety’ we are proud to present Guy Gelem’s first body of work since 2014, mastered by Tim Diagram (Maps & Diagrams, Hessien). The record is a brooding listen from start to finish as the cello takes centre stage, weaving through hints of the oriental and Arabic music that Guy has been reunited with over the last couple of years. Followers of his work will find enough familiarity within the record to recognise his extraordinary style, although the added eastern charm gives a whole new dimension. It is this sound that provides the main theme within ‘Entirety’ as Guy strives to reflect his roots having returned to his homeland after living overseas.
Another key element to this record are the track titles, which subtly reference themes from Jewish philosophy and belief.

‘Entirety’ will be the third release on Whitelabrecs and will be made available in a highly limited run of 50 handmade white label vinyl effect CDrs. Each copy is burnt, hand-stamped and shipped directly from the label along with a polaroid print of the cover artwork inside a circular vinyl style sleeve.