August Pre-orders: Adrian Lane and Glåsbird

Today we have two new albums available to pre-order, especially for Bandcamp Friday. They are from artists who have both released in our catalog before, with Adrian Lane following up his Home Diaries edition ‘Indigo and Salt Peter’, and Glåsbird providing the next instalment of their Sonic Expedition series.

Both of these vinyl effect CDrs are available in a limited run of 100 copies and more information about each album can be gleaned below. The packaging images above are mock examples, as we await the delivery of these items and so it should be pointed out that the CD colour is going to be different (Adrian Lane Gold, Glåsbird White). The albums will both release officially on Saturday the 28th of August.

What is Bandcamp Friday?
For those unaware, this initiative was set-up by Bandcamp as a way to support artists, musicians and labels throughout the pandemic. Once a month they were waiving their commission charged to platform users. Recently these have been more infrequent but Bandcamp are still committed to providing support and so August the 6th has been a date in the diary for some time.

Adrian Lane – The Fleet

The Fleet is a Modern Classical album that is equally steeped in drama and melancholy, with soaring strings, pensive piano and subtle soft synths. Composer Adrian Lane lives by the sea and the coastal air gave rise to an unexpected nautical theme, which is brought together by the artwork, which he hand-painted in his studio.”

Glåsbird – Siberia

Siberia is the 5th edition of anonymous artist Glåsbird’s Sonic Expedition series, soundtracking imaginary films from different geographic locations. This album spans over two discs, with the first one focusing on the beauty of this huge region and disc two provoking thoughts about climate change.”

Coming soon… Glåsbird – Siberia


We have two new physical editions lined up for pre-order on the 6th of August, just in time for Bandcamp Friday.

Our second release sees the return of the Glåsbird, fresh from their latest travels. The Sonic Expedition series sees the next destination in the series land at Siberia, with a fittingly large quantity of music to represent this gigantic mass of beautiful land. Siberia is available in our usual run of 100 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs, featuring cover and booklet photography by Nelly Elagina in this double disc edition. The sound palette is a little more Modern Classical overall than the previous excursion (Novaya Zemlya) but there is evidence of electronic and ambient influences in places, with field recordings, drones and added texture. Disc one surveys the beauty of Siberia before thoughts turn to climate change and its impact, particularly on Siberia.   

Siberia will be released for pre-order on Friday the 6th of August. If you join our mailing list using the link below, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

press release
“Glåsbird is an anonymous artist, active since 2018 and with releases to date appearing exclusively on Whitelabrecs, as part of a series called A Sonic Expedition. With each edition in the collection, the artist concentrates on a different geographic location. The project emerged somewhere inside the Arctic Circle, descending to Greenland, moving onto Svalbard and then the Norwegian Fjords before most recently, on the Russian owned peninsulas Novaya Zemlya. The music of Glåsbird ranges from electro-acoustic Ambient to Modern Classical, with this artist keen on producing a range of experiments to show their full range of ideas and techniques.

We’re pleased to unveil the next destination in this series, in the form of Siberia which is a double album befitting an exploration of the largest region on earth. Glåsbird has teamed up with glaciologist and photographer Nelly Elagina who provides first-hand accounts of Siberia in the form of images and captions from her time there. In the CD packaging, a special photo booklet has been included to showcase these experiences. For the artist, their account of this latest destination is entirely imagined. The first disc sets out to explore the beauty of the landscape and its ancient history. As with previous albums, the music feels icy cold but evocative, aiming to transport you to imagine the landscape in all its splendour for yourself. The second part of the album moves into more topical territory, portraying Siberia as it is today. Shifting weather patterns and devastating climate change inspire the mood of the compositions, which lean towards melancholy, tense or dramatic reflections, rounded off with a thought provoking title.

As always, we wonder, where in the world might the Glåsbird land next?

Written and produced by Glåsbird
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography and captions by Nelly Elagina
Art and Design by Andrew Heath