Out Now! teleferick – sixteen frames

For our next release we’re pleased to present a debut from Brugge, Belgium based artist Teleferick who also contributes the weekly electronic/experimental music show ‘Klankschap‘. This is a record compiling some 10 years of work as the artist Christophe Ywaska selects ‘Sixteen Frames‘ that cross section his ranging production styles. Beautiful Ambient moments are juxtaposed against more playful pieces which experiment with electronics and modern classical composition in an unconventional way. This one may appeal to those who enjoy Monolyth & Cobalt, Roel Funcken or Sylvain Chauveau

Sixteen Frames is out this weekend in a limited edition run of 50 copies to the world, packaged in our usual vinyl-imitation CDrs with polaroid artwork prints.

This went to out to our mailing list last weekend and at time of writing, we’ve got copies still available – to find out more or grab a copy, you can click the link below or on the image above to listen. To avoid missing out on future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE


press release
“Teleferick is Bruges, Belgium based artist Christophe Ywaska who also runs a radio show called Klankschap which dives into the world of experimental music each week. This show has been running for many years and whilst being exposed to a wide range of multi-disciplinary artists, it’s no surprise that Christophe has also been recording his own work as Teleferick since around 2005.

We’re pleased to present his debut physical release after all these years, a sort of ‘selected works’ of sixteen unheralded gems from his collection. These are highlights from a ten year period with tracks presented as ‘frames’ which when played in their intended sequence, draw together as a vivid and cinematic soundtrack to a short film. There is a sheer wealth of production techniques and texture woven into these pieces that gives great variety as you listen; the moods of tracks flit from sad to intense, from serene to amusing. In releasing Sixteen Frames, Christophe intends to ‘archive’ these production methods and ideas and move onto the next chapters that lie ahead.

We’re told that before composing the work of ‘Sixteen Frames’ Christophe would isolate himself from the rest of the world, starting with virtually nothing before kneading the resulting elements into a unique identity. There was no clear plan when sculpting the music or of a deeper album concept. The true meaning of the album reveals itself to you only when the record is complete and could perhaps be compared to therapeutic sessions where there are more questions than answers. Sixteen Frames may indeed feel like a puzzle at times, but something that is appreciated all the more for getting lost in its complexity and in doing so, perhaps you will begin to understand?

Catalog number WLR028
Written and produced by Christophe Ywaska
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Artwork by Christophe Ywaska

Coming soon…Frank Baker | Silence Of The North

No time to wait, we’ve another release to put out before we’re off on holiday. ‘Silence Of The North‘ is the creation of Stuttgart, Germany based artist Frank Baker, which sees the careful assembly of 3 hour’s worth of late night piano recordings. This album condenses the recordings into around 45 minutes of cinematic neo-classical pieces which are joined by carefully crafted soundscaping. With its wintry charm, Silence Of The North will appeal to fans of Hauschka, Nils Frahm or Dakota Suite. You can listen to a preview of the album by using the Soundcloud player below or keep a check on our Facebook page to preview the packaging when we share it.

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press release
“Frank Baker is a composer/producer from Stuttgart, Germany who has mainly released music through his own label Frank Baker Music. He began recording guitar back in 1999 with cassette tape experiments and began recording under his own name around 4 years ago with his debut ‘Noctilucent’ being released in winter 2013. He also records Ambient/Drone material as Noonsize and Post-Rock as Hawks From The Ocean Abyss.

In Silence Of The North, we have a generous twelve track offering centred around recordings from a 1970s Yamaha grand piano as an imaginary soundtrack inspired by the Northern Hemisphere. Frank spent around 3 hours one evening, sat at the piano as he improvised into the dead of the night. The material has been whittled down to a dozen short pieces, and a familiar thread returns throughout the record which tells a story much like a movie. With the piano at the heart of everything, the sound is naturally cinematic and references colder climes with Frank having been inspired by visits to Canada and Scandinavia. Frank’s main idea was to record an album that characterises silence and whilst the lonely old piano would evoke that alone, his added sound design featuring prepared-sounding piano strings, cavernous noise and found sounds programmed into Logic delve further into the ideas of loneliness, isolation and silence.

With its clear film soundtrack aesthetic, it would be all too easy to reference classical music – Frank points out that he is not a piano player but instead, he used the piano notes to paint his picture in what has more to do with Ambient music than classical. As humans tend to search for warmth and reside nearer to the equator, Silence Of The North embraces a stark coldness that is often ever presence within the lesser populated Northern Hemisphere. Recommended if you like Hauschka, Nils Frahm or Dakota Suite.”