Out Now! Soft Generator – A Carefully Controlled Space

In this second collaborative album for July, we welcome David Newman (Autistici, Volume Objects) and Erik Schoster (He Can Jog) under their new project Soft Generator. Between them, their individual discographies have seen records come out on the likes of 12k, KESH and Hibernate, as well as David’s own Audiobulb Records.

Their album ‘A Carefully Controlled Space‘ will be available in our usual low run of 50 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs and its concept looks at the idea of hypnotic rest, reflecting back on Asclepeion sleep temples from the ancient Greek civilisation. The sound is a contemporary view, using the Pippi Computer System as part of the sound design. The packaging ties this all together, with art and design by collage artist Tom Tebby

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press release
“In this new release, we welcome a collaboration between David Newman (Autistici) and Erik Schoster (He Can Jog). These artists have released music individually across a range of labels including 12k, KESH, Hibernate, Home Recordings, Audiobulb Records and Distance Recordings. This duo have worked together to form Soft Generator, with their inaugural release featuring artwork by collage artist Tom Tebby.

‘A Carefully Controlled Space’ was crafted with orchestral sounds, analogue and modular synthesisers, computer generated routines, the Pippi Computer System pippi.world and field recordings.
The work centres on the idea of hypnotic rest as a portal to recovery. Referencing the process of Asclepeion ‘sleep temples’, visited by the citizens of ancient Greece, the album wonders what it would be like to go through the ritual and process in modern times. A Carefully Controlled Space imagines a remedy as it reaches out and offers each listener a chance to reset, heal and escape.

Soft Generator are:
David Newman (Autistici/Volume Objects) – volume-objects.com
Erik Schoster (He Can Jog) – hecanjog.com

Mastered by Volume Objects

Art and design by Tom Tebby

Out now! Lauge, Perry Frank – Selvascapes


We’re at the height of our summer schedule and have two lots of collaborative albums up next. First, we welcome Danish composer and Ambient artist Henrik Laugesen (Lauge) who has worked alongside Sardinia based artist and performer Francesco Nicola Perra (Perry Frank).

Their album ‘Selvascapes‘ will be available in our usual low run of 50 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs and it’s themed around the forest, with each track being a reference or reflection on this concept. The sound is a collection of wondrous drone soundscapes that take us back to our roots in pure Ambient music

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press release
“Lauge is self-taught composer Henrik Laugesen, who is better known for his pseudonym ‘Lauge’. So far, he has been involved in the creation of 11 albums, participated on multiple compilations, sync placements and one patch bank for the Danish sound design outlet ‘Luftrum’. He also curates mixes and playlists for outlets like Spotify, under the brand ‘Ambient Soundscapes’.

Perry Frank is project started in 2005 by Francesco Perra from Sardinia, Italy. He is perhaps best renowned for his Ambient guitar sessions, in which live performances are filmed against backdrops of scenic landscapes, museums, gardens and verandas. He has also had releases out on labels such as Idealmusik, Tranquillo Records and n5MD.

We have seen great productivity through remote collaboration between musicians since the pandemic and in 2020, Henrik and Francesco began exchanging their sounds, files and ideas. They had the vision to combine their individual sound components into a cohesive whole. The result is ‘Selvascapes’, in which each composition is connected to forestry, reflected by the track titles and sonic content. The artists navigated their sound landscapes through this chosen theme; vastness, enormity, enclosure, open space and nature can all be gleaned by those who listen.

Written and produced by Henrik Laugesen and Perry Frank
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Harry Towell
Art and design by Andrew Heath

Out Now! blochemy – aithem

Our second release for June sees us welcome back another artist that we worked with last year, as Czech Republic based artist blochemy follows ‘nebe‘ with a brand new album.

aithem‘ is a set of 9 tracks, each a glistening electro-acoustic reflection full of texture and charm, not to mention plenty of tape decay. The sound here will appeal to those who enjoy music on the likes of 12k or Dauw.

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press release
“We’re pleased to present the next album by Czech Republic based artist blochemy who released ‘nebe’ with us in 2020. As an artist, blochemy has also released music with Hibernate recordings, Shimmering Moods Clean Error Records and Sun Sea Sky Production. He has been developing his sound since the mid nineties, informed by a curiosity that has seen his musical taste branch into IDM and Ambient styles. blochemy’s work in recent years, inside his home studio, is seen as a means to escape the daily routine, to allow himself the time to explore his own ideas and practice an unhurried self-expression.

‘nebe’ was released in February 2020, at a time of uncertainty as the pandemic had only begun to take hold. Its central theme revolves around the sky, as the cover artwork and dreamy sound places the head into the clouds. ‘aithem’ was created during the pandemic, with its time worn, eroded melancholy textures perhaps reflecting the worries for the future and social distancing which have become all too familiar for many.

The clean and minimal sound allows the listener to be conscious of the future as we look ahead with optimism. Whereas the decaying tape recorder aesthetic urges you to also reflect back upon the past, over half-forgotten memories. Yet the hushed tones of these pieces still the mind, to create an environment where you can just be present, within the moment.

Written and Produced by blochemy
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by blochemy
Art and design by Andrew Heath

Out Now! Pruski – Whispers

We’re returning to deep, sleepy drone music for the summer as we welcome back Krakow, Poland based artist Pruski who released a Home Diaries contribution and a CD release ‘Playground’ with us in 2020.

Whispers‘ is an album containing 6 minimalist ambient drones, created using a modular synthesizer and inspired by walks in woodland, away from the noise of a vibrant city.

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press release
“In 2020 we released both the physical album ‘Playground’ and Home Diaries piece ‘I Need Space’, from Krakow, Poland based artist Pruski. Aside from these releases, other material has been made available through labels such as Four Tapes and KrysaliSound.

Pruski’s background has been informed by nineties electronica including much of the legendary Warp catalog and it’s from here that he became very interested in the technical side of making music himself. This is both in terms of hardware but also, functional processes and mathematics. His current taste in quiet music has been informed by labels such as 12k , Japanese ambience and many of his peers within the ambient community.

Returning to our catalog, Pruski has created ‘Whispers’, a series of organic drones created using an OP-1 modular synthesiser which has been a key source of experimentation, discovery and evaluation for several years. Part of the production process fell during lockdown, in which there were limitations on travel and human interaction. On the other hand, Pruski started walking a lot in the forests around him, allowing him to listen and connect with nature; he would encounter the rustle of leaves that began to resemble whispers. It was from here that he had the idea of nature’s constant whisper, evident all around us, if we choose to listen. Each track represents a whisper from the natural world, which combine as a whole to be a metaphysical journey.

Written and Produced by Paweł Pruski
Mastered by Miniature Records
Photography by Morzena Nowak
Art and design by Andrew Heath

Out Now! Guy Gelem – Scenario

For our next digital EP, we welcome back Guy Gelem from Jerusalem, Israel. Scenario combines the sound of guitar and cello along with additional subtle textures.

Scenario is released today, Monday the 21st of June. If you join our mailing list , we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear about future editions.

press release
“In our next digital release we welcome back Guy Gelem from from Jerusalem, Israel. Guy has released music with labels including Quiet Design, Mini50, Time Release Sound and Rural Colours. He also contributed the album ‘Entirety’ back in 2016, our inaugural year. ‘Scenario’ is an EP created using his signature instruments, cello and guitar, with which he has woven a collection of tracks reflecting on themes of creation. The concept considers the world and its processes; how everything is organised, and as one gigantic scenario.


Written and produced by Guy Gelem
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Peter Nejedly

Out Now! anthéne & simon mccorry – the equation of time

Today we announce the latest new addition to our series, which sees the return of anthéne who has joined forces with cellist and composer Simon McCorry.

The Equation Of Time‘ is an album which combines processed guitar and cello, to contemplate the enormity of time. It’s rounded off by the stunning collage artwork of Tom Tebby, who also designed the CD packaging which we’ll be revealing the packaging on release day.

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press release
“We’re pleased to welcome back Toronto, Canada’s anthéne in the form of this collaborative album with UK cellist and composer Simon McCorry. Between them, they have released solo recordings on labels such as Home Normal, Archives, Past Inside The Present, Naviar and Fallen Moon. They’ve also both released on Polar Seas, a label helmed by Brad Deschamps, the man behind anthéne.

Both artists are comfortable collaborators, having worked alongside the likes of Ian Hawgood, Andrew Tasselmyer and Andrew Heath. It was in 2020 when their remote recording sessions translated into The Equation Of Time, combining and processing Brad’s guitar and Simon’s cello into a collage of droning textures. A concept sprang from their work together, during the unfolding pandemic and its resulting lockdowns, where time itself seemed to stand still, go backwards and go forwards, all at once. Add to this the the sheer geographical distance and time zones separating these artists, the often-explored artistic muse of time and space became the central theme.

The title ‘The Equation Of Time’ relates to the differences between the day of the earliest sun rise, the day of the latest sunset, the longest day. Each of these days are different, noted by the ancient Greeks and the Persians before them. The enormity of time and the ability for humans to occupy the same space as multiple predecessors is particularly fascinating when faced with something ancient, such as a cave painting, a forest or the ruins of a fallen civilisation. The track titles are aptly borrowed from parts of T.S. Eliot’s 4 Quartets, which also deals with the contemplation of time. You can surmise from these poems that ideally, one would focus only on the present, in order to make the most of each turn of the clock; the past cannot be altered and the future is unknown. Our memory can subconsciously serve us back our own recollection of past times, which can result in nostalgia, melancholy or both. Our minds can also influence our perception of the future, with feelings of either fear, excitement or both.

The Equation Of Time grapples at these themes and ideas without the intention of ever truly being able to define time. A wash of faded memories, unknowns and current thoughts stir into one-another; ambient music itself always seems so able to reflect and evoke a sense of wonder, at things far bigger than we can ever comprehend.”

Written and Produced by Brad Deschamps and Simon McCorry
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Artwork by Tom Tebby
Packaging design by Tom Tebby

Out Now! Demetrio Cecchitelli – Tense

In this next digital edition, we welcome Demetrio Cecchitelli  from Rimini in Italy. Tense was originally composed for a theatre production and this body of work plays as a series of abstract cinematic soundscapes that lean more towards Musique Concrete than modern classical composition. 

Tense is released today, Saturday the 22nd of May. If you join our mailing list , we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear about future editions.

press release
“In this new digital edition, we welcome Demetrio Cecchitelli from Rimini, Italy. He has released music with labels such as Sounds Against Humanity, Healing Sound Propagandist and Dornwald among others. ‘Tense’ is an album that was originally composed for a theatre in Santarcangelo di Romagna and in this digital release, it is given a new context. The record explores themes of tension, constructing moments of suspense and quiet, as it both surprises and lulls the listener.


Written and produced by Demetrio Cecchitelli
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Harry Towell

Out Now! Spheruleus – Canvas Homes + Supplémentaires

The second of our new releases for March out today, sees the return of our label owner Harry Towell as Spheruleus. Harry has not released a CD on his label since 2016’s Obsolarium and with Canvas Homes + Supplémentaires he presents a double album of lockdown sound diaries. Some may recall Canvas Homes from Harry’s Home Diaries edition but 2nd Disc Supplémentaires is a new album, created during November’s lockdown mark II.

This limited edition double CDr edition uses photographs Harry captured during family walks as cover artwork and the sounds within these records cover field recordings, acoustic instrument sketches, household sounds and orchestral tones.

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press release
“Spheruleus is Lincolnshire, UK based artist Harry Towell, who also runs Whitelabrecs and records alongside his brother Stuart as Paper Relics. Harry has been active in the modern Ambient music scene for over a decade and has released works with labels such as Eilean, Hibernate, Home Normal and Time Released Sound. His output on his own imprint has been scarce however, limited to one CD edition ‘Obsolarium’, released back in 2016.

We launched last year’s digital Home Diaries series off the back of ‘Canvas Homes’ which was a sonic diary of life at home during lockdown. The recording for this album began around 1 year ago with three key sound elements: field recordings, sketches made using acoustic instruments and MIDI keyboard arrangements. The sketches were all captured during brief 1-2 minute recordings to an iPhone whilst in his daughter Isla’s playroom. She unwittingly became part of the album and a positive constant during the strange events that were unfolding across the spring and summer. Walks out into local parks and woodlands became a source of field recordings and a connection to the natural world. Then evenings were a time of reflection and processing, as the sounds captured were orchestrated into tracks.

In November another lockdown was announced and Harry decided to repeat the process as a compare and contrast from his original process. The idea to create a second album began with the assembly of a new item of furniture for Isla’s room which arrived from France. A bag of spare fixings was labelled ‘Supplémentaires’ and Harry decided to set about a series of additional recordings with a view to release it as part of a double album. This time, the weather had turned cold resulting in a different lockdown altogether, with more time spent indoors. Isla had grown considerably in the space of just 6 months and her speech was much clearer. A familiarity with the ‘new normal’ also seems to have translated into the music, with longer, cosier tracks drawing out the winter months. There are more moments of calm and warmth; ‘les dormeurs’ was created at low volume one afternoon, as the household napped. ‘notre cocon’ establishes a sleepy comfort in the descent towards the festive period before ‘le résumé’ plays out a recollection of the year 2020, with Harry using every field recording he’d captured during this most eventful of years. The cover photograph was captured during a family walk in the summer; a reflective gaze into the local ‘Bourne Eau’.

Written and produced by Harry Towell
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork and design by Harry Towell

Out Now! Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker – How To Breathe Like A Stone

Today we released two new CDs and in the first we have an exciting collaboration between UK’s Andrew Heath and Anne Chris Bakker from the Netherlands. Their next album ‘How To Breathe Like A Stone‘ will be out this Saturday the 20th of March and is an album full of acoustic warmth from real life improvisations, recorded environments and reel to reel tape, yet it also feels lulling, drifting and very ambient.

This limited edition CDr edition makes use of photography provided by Renske Zijlstra as well as packaging art and design by Andrew himself. As a special gift from the artists, there are 25 hand-numbered prints which will be included with the first 25 CDs purchased.

Our low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu or you can click HERE


press release
“‘How to breathe like a stone’ is the third release from the ongoing collaboration between Dutch, ambient and experimental guitarist Anne Chris Bakker and British, minimal pianist Andrew Heath. Their work charts a slow moving, lower case journey inspired by place and process. Combining tonal washes and textural recordings, punctuated by pointillist piano and guitar notes to produce music that creates an ephemeral, dreamlike state.

Previous releases have been on Chihei Hatakeyama’s small Japanese label, White Paddy Mountain (Lichtzin) and the English, tape cassette label, Rusted Tone Recordings (A Gift for the Ephemerist).
Having been aware of each other’s music, Chris and Andrew finally met when Andrew invited Chris to play in the UK’s Resound festival several years ago. This cemented a friendship and mutual admiration of each other’s music. Various visits to both The Netherlands and the UK offered opportunities to record and improvise together before a file exchanging process followed, allowing their work to be edited and further refined.

Both artists are experienced performers and collaborators, with Andrew having played at Iceland’s Extreme Chill festival and working with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Toby Marks; Chris Has performed with the trio Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra, touring Europe and Japan.

How To Breathe Like A Stone utilises Chris’s mainstay, the guitar, often processed with a huge 20 second delay and placed alongside Andrew’s piano and electronic sounds. Two different church pianos were used for their natural tones, one recorded in Noordlaren and the other in the village of Sheepscombe. Additional textures derived from field recordings and reel to reel tape machines, providing a layer of subtle detail to complete the aesthetic. One of the more unusual recordings on the album was made at the Kröller Müller museum in The Netherlands in the large sculpture room. The sun outside was causing the building to emit various quiet creaks and clicks, amplified by the acoustics of the space. It was as if the weather had its own improvised response to the collaboration, creating further notable moments that became woven into this story of chance.

This album does not have a mapped out concept, more that it uses the artist’s evident love of process and improvisation as a springboard into their sound world. It is hoped that the listener will pause to absorb this environment, both contemplating and losing track of time.

Written and produced by Andrew Heath and Anne Chris Bakker
Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Electronics, Treatments and Field Recordings by Andrew Heath
Guitars, Electronics, Tape Manipulation and Field Recordings by Anne Chris Bakker
Artwork by Andrew Heath
Cover Photography by Renske Zijlstra

Out Now! Various Artists – The Home Diaries

We’re delighted to get back to making CDs again after our break over December. It was good to have some down time and to do some planning too but it’s wonderful to be back, with our exciting schedule for 2021.
We’d like to thank all of those who supported us over this period, getting involved with our winter sale. Our stock cupboard is looking lighter and at last there is some space in the drawer for this year’s release schedule!

First up is the double-album Home Diaries compilation, which includes a track from each of the 30 Home Diaries releases from last year. For those unfamiliar, Home Diaries was an invitation to artists to write a record about their situation in lockdown. It was a digital only series, put together to keep our label going after we had to stop releasing CDs.

We know that many prefer a physical edition and so we wanted to create something so that those who do are able to experience this series in some way. So we decided to go all out on the packaging for this one. There is a standard double gatefold edition as well as an ultra deluxe edition, in which the double gatefold CD is contained within a gold foil-printed matchbox, which also includes a booklet which contains a photo of each artist’s home.

There were only around 65 copies of the ultra deluxe to sell after artist allocations, and these have sold out already having been snapped up quickly by our subscribers. However, at the time of writing we have around 50 copies of the standard double album edition, which we feel is still quite a spectacle in itself. It’s complete with the cover artwork, which is an oil painting by Adrian Lane who re-imagined the original series cover.

Our low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu or you can click HERE

press release
“It’s fair to say that the events of the year 2020 will go down as quite a year and may form a large part of the history curriculum for the children of tomorrow. The pandemic is of course just part of the story, against a backdrop of political unrest, climate change and injustice too.

Whitelabrecs was affected with the closure of our local post office, meaning we were unable to ship our CDs. We also felt we had a duty not to hold up a queue of people and decided to stop production of our catalog. During that time, to make sure we still had a label left to return to, we launched the ambitious Home Diaries series. It ran for 3 months and in that relatively short space of time, the series reached 30 releases!

Home Diaries was an invitation to artists and musicians to create an album or EP to document their personal experience during the lockdown or social distancing conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The series reflects a range of sounds, styles and ideas, as each artist portrayed their own reflections uniquely, available as a digital only edition including a bonus interview and photos.
Each of the 30 digital editions in the Home Diaries series is an individual work of art, created to share the varying experiences felt by each artist.

This compilation album pulls together a track from each record, sequenced in a way that flows as a specially curated environment, over the course of two CDs. We have two versions available as follows:

A standard edition, which is a double-disc gatefold vinyl-effect CDr album, featuring a re-interpretation of the original cover artwork, painted by Adrian Lane.

A deluxe matchbox edition, in which the double-disc gatefold vinyl-effect CDr is housed inside a gold foil-etched box, which also contains a booklet which includes a photo from each artist’s home during lockdown. This version serves as a time capsule into the original series; a keepsake which is limited to just 70 copies.

If you opt for the digital version, this also includes the photo booklet as a bonus PDF item.

Released January 23, 2021

Painting and artwork by Adrian Lane
Booklet images provided by each respective artist
Packaging layout by Harry Towell
Compilation curated by Harry Towell

All tracks mastered by James Edward Armstrong, except:
12 ‘Out In The Open’ Mastered by John Hannon
17 ‘Distance Learning’ Mastered by Michael Southard
29 -‘Stanze e Distanze (part 2)’ Mastered by Francis M. Gri