new mix show! vervine003

It seems like ages since we last made a Vervine mix show and this is largely down to having moved house. These shows are great fun to make, but we’ve seen why it would have been difficult to commit to a monthly show. So after a bit of a new year pause, here’s the next Vervine show, as usual, hosted by our label owner Harry Towell.

This third show features recent Whitelabrecs pieces from the likes of Guy Gelem, Peter Kvidera, Wodwo, Glåsbird, thisfloatingworld and a piece from Hoshiko Yamane’s forthcoming album. It also features jazz, shoegaze, folk, indie, chillout and ambient music and then this show is rounded off with a Deep House mix.

The cover artwork for this new show was created from a photo of a painting from Harry’s daughter Emily, who was learning one day last year about paint, colour and art, with the help of her Mummy. Harry was struck by its abstract shapes, colours and texture and knew he’d use it in a musical project sometime.

Already we’re planning the next show and we hope it won’t be too long a wait next time. But for now, here’s Vervine003:

01 Masako Ohta/Matthias LindermayrLa
02 Guy Gelem Relocations
03 Joel Vandroogenbroeck Mutation
04 Ballake Sissoko & Patrick Messina & Vincent Segal Jeu Sur La Symphonie Fantastique
05 Tokyo Bloodworm Pale The Clerics Pass
06 Wodwo Veils
07 Peter Kvidera Obsaženo
08 Afterlife Dust
09 TLF Trio Suite X
10 Hoshiko Yamane – Patiently
11 Harry Towell & Sven Laux Ground Moraine
12 Tone Dawn
13 Glåsbird Tired Seams
14 Efterklang The Living Layer
15 thisfloatingworld airs
16 Alan Licht Raw Deal
17 Telly Quin – My Funny Side Up
18 Pender Street Slippers – The Glass City
19 Jonas Palzer – Friendssection
20 Hamatsuki – Kandzaia
21 Izmo – Echoes
22 Jump Source – S Recovery
23 Nacho Riveros – Moment Of My Life
24 Yadava – Heart Strings
25 Edward White – Cool Water
26 Fantastic Man – St. Elmo’s Theme
27 Intr0beatz – Trees Breez
28 Tour-Maubourg – Might Groove
29 D’Arabia – Key Lime (Harry Wolfman Remix)
30 Zoo Look – I Can’t Deny

new mix show! vervine002

We were very encouraged to see the number of people tuning into the first Vervine show, which we launched last month as an occasional radio show series, presented by our label owner Harry Towell. These shows will cover the full extent of his wide reaching musical taste. Harry’s been spurred on by the positive feedback and has recorded another show, complete with voiceovers between each selection.

This second show picks up where the first left off, with styles covered including Ambient, Electro Acoustic, Jazz, Modern Classical, World and Downtempo electronica. Again, the styles switch about in no clear order, but hopefully the flow nicely together as a show for you to sink into. Harry’s included some Whitelabrecs releases in the tracklist, with premieres of music from Darkroom, Hoshiko Yamane, a wave, a mouth as well as something new from Towell himself, alongside Pruski. The latter is a 12 track collaborative album we have lined up for a January release. Elsewhere, recent discoveries are placed alongside older pieces and classics, and we hope you’ll discover something new. Click the picture above or the player below:

01 Tapes and TopographiesPenn Tir
02 Darkroom – Water like mbira
03 Andy Aquarius Chapel
04 Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka Sudany
05 Anna Butterss Blevins
06 Kokoroko We Give Thanks
07 Carlos Niño & Friends Actually (feat Deantoni Parks/Jamael Dean/Nate Mercereau)
08 Bosq Paciencia De Jo (feat Tita Lima)
09 OHMA A Portal To All That Is
10 Snowflake Memory – Railroad Dreamer
11 Noori & His Dorpa Band Jabana
12 Harry Towell & Pruski – Lacustyna
13 George Riley Cleanse Me
14 Hoshiko Yamane – Prayer
15 Chip Wickham Winter
16 Daniel Villarreal Cali Colours
17 Mejiwahn Spring (feat. Juuwah & Daniel Bitrán)
18 Pharoah Sanders & Boozoo Bajou – Astral Traveling (Boozoo Bajou Remix)
19 Free the Robots Far Away (feat. Chhom Nimol)
20 The Cinematic Orchestra In To You
21 Bentley & Horatio Luna Bingo Bongo
22 Gianni Brezzo Rising Of My Mind
23 Elaine Howley To The Test
24 Clear Path Ensemble Interlock
25 The Theory Behind – Source
26 Yarni Trinacria
27 a wave, a mouth – Shake Me Gently Call Me Names
28 Part Timer Freeway
29 Matthew Halsall Mindfulness Meditations

new mix series! vervine001

Today we’ve launched a new mix series called ‘Vervine’. This will be presented by our label owner Harry Towell, and will cover the full extent of his wide ranging music taste. We can’t say how frequently we’ll make these shows but we’re hoping they’ll appear regularly enough and include one or two interesting features such as themes, vinyl-only shows and guest mixes. Hopefully, the voice-overs should hopefully grow in confidence the more of these we do!

This first show features a range of musical styles including Ambient, Electro Acoustic, Funk, Jazz, Modern Classical, World. The tracks are not arranged in a particular order, so it should feel pretty varied throughout and within the tracklist there are a few recent Whitelabrecs releases from the likes of Sven Laux, Adrian Lane, Fred Baty and John Reidar Holmes. Not to mention the opening track which is a premiere of our next release on the 19th of November, which is by Tapes and Topographies! Click the picture above or the player below:

01 Tapes and Topographies – Diffraction
02 Kiyoshi Yamaya/Toshiko Yonekawa/Kifu MitsuhashiNanbu Ushioi-Uta
03 Lucien JohnsonMagnificent Moon
04 Vega Trails Love Your Grace
05 Feras Charestan Zekrayat
06 Adrian Lane White Winter Cloudy
07 Fred Baty To Feel at a Distance
08 Dandelion All You Know
09 Wax Machine Gaian Dream
10 Jaubi Straight Path
11 Black Flower Morning In The Jungle (ft. Meskerem Mees)
12 KolumboEvening Time
13 Jonny Nash & Teguh PermanaAir
14 John Reidar HolmesGoodbye To Cape Farewell
15 Ralph Heidel Wenn Ich Wach Werde (ft. Hannah Weiss)
16 Sven LauxThe Hope
17 Duelling AntsReise
18 Hiroshi EbinaIt 2
19 Julien DyneBeecon
20 Surprise Chef Goldie’s Lullaby
21 Malcolm PearsonFleeting Thoughts
22 Lissom Big Sleep
23 Naima Bock Enter The House
24 Channelers Diguised As Another
25 Misha PanfilovAmphibian Girl
26 Liquid Saloon Shaiza (ft. Elyasaf Bashari)
27 Djavan Nereci (Case’s Edit)
28 Jef Gilson & MalagasyValiha Ny Dada
29 Philou LouzoloQueens Of Zomba

Magnofon mix for Deep Electronics

To coincide with the release of Magnofon’s new album Terrarium, under our eRecords series, he has also created a DJ mix for Deep Electronics and becomes the 354th edition of this long-standing mix series.

The mix includes a range of dub and ambient techno tracks, along with ambient drones and textures; the kinds of sounds that have provided inspiration for the Terrarium album.

You can check out the mix by clicking the image above, clicking HERE or we’ve embedded the Soundcloud player for the show below:


01 Loris S. Sarid – Tano
02 Claudio PRC/SaffronKeira – Mare Tranquillitas I
03 Magnofon – Folia
04 Sven Weisemann – Monistic
05 Izzat Man – Autumn
06 Fluxion – Correlation
07 Soela – Shadows On The Wall
08 Francis Harris – What She Had
09 Rod Modell – Luminescent
10 Zenzizenz – Umi
11 Heavenchord – Forest Wind
12 Fluxion – Motion 3
13 Mitry – After
14 Alex Humann – Environmental Climate
15 Villete – Show Me
16 BLNDR – Botanical Garden
17 Jack Hyde – Smirr
18 Sebby Kowal – Amongst The River
19 Adham Zahran – A New Earth

You can also check out Terrarium at the following link:

Whitelabrecs History Lesson: The First Hundred

Later this month, we’ll have released our 100th album edition, which is an achievement we never imagined when we started this small label back in 2016. Back then, it was another small experiment, born from a series of other small experiments with the running of labels (Audio Gourmet, Tessellate, Warehouse Decay). We were pretty serious about getting some music out there, but we’re proud of what has been achieved, with the help of our artists, friends and fans.

We’ve got lots planned this month, following on from the Spheruleus and Kraut Sounds EPs that kicked-off what’s to be a busy month. Speaking of Spheruleus, our label owner Harry Towell has put this one together and it is hosted on his Mixcloud page. The mix plays through as a chronologically history of the label, by blending a track from each album in chronological order.

It’s an overview of the styles we’ve released over the years so far, covering ambient drones, electro-acoustics, modern classical, folk, electronica and sound art. It concludes with a bonus track, from the forthcoming Glåsbird soundtrack album for Return to Sea and Sardinia. This will be our 101st release, as we start the next century of album releases.

You can check out the mix by hitting the play button above, or by clicking HERE to be directed to the Mixcloud page. We hope you enjoy this hour and a half journey through our discography!

A New Arrival!

On the 25th of September we’re proud to announce the birth of our beautiful baby daughter Isla!

In the run up to the birth, Harry created a relaxing Ambient mix as he and his wife had looked into ‘hypnobirthing‘ during antenatal classes. The mix includes plenty of warm, relaxing material from Whitelabrecs as well as works from the likes of Taylor Deupree, Ghost and Tape and Sven Laux. It was blended using harmonic mixing techniques in Traktor 2 to create a continuous, flowing listening experience.

You can check out the mix by hitting the play button on the Mixcloud player above and float away for half an hour or so.

01 Valotihkuu – Deep Phase [Unreleased]
02 Steve Pacheco – Aspen Grove [Whitelabrecs]
03 The Prairie Lines – Stop Haunting My Door [Whitelabrecs]
04 Jose Silva – Two Feel Studies [Whitelabrecs]
05 Valotihkuu – Sitting On The Grass Under The Stars [Whitelabrecs]
06 Tone Color – Voigt-Kampff [Assembly Field]
07 Anthéne – Surfacing [Unreleased]
08 Taylor Deupree – Unearth [Spekk]
09 Helios – Dreams [Ghostly International]
10 Ghost and Tape – Anemone [Home Normal]
11 Sven Laux – She Was Here [Archives]