Out Now! Yuya Ota – Dramatic Syndrome

Our second new release for April is ‘Dramatic Syndrome‘ by Japan’s Yuya Ota, an album that this artist calls ‘drone, not drone’. It’s an Ambient album created through digital software techniques that produced lulling but ever-changing extended melodies. It’s available now in a run of 100 CDrs, in our signature gatefold vinyl-effect sleeves. If you follow us on Bandcamp (Click HERE) we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear when we release new music.

press release
“Yuya Ota is an artist based in Japan who has previously released music on Glacial Movements Records, Institute For Electronic Arts and FUSELab. With a first release since 2015, we’re pleased to break this artist’s hiatus by introducing ‘Dramatic Syndrome’, a record created from fragments of sound using Max/MSP techniques.

In this body of work, Yuya established a particular process in which instrument tones were performed automatically, with the software memorising multiple melodic lines and playing them back randomly. By dropping one or more of the notes within the fluctuations of set algorithms, the beginning of the melody or the melody itself changed. This led to multiple melody lines being combined, through the elimination of the beginning and end.

Some elements of chance were part of the process, allowing an evolution of textures to develop. However, through manipulating the tempo of each sound, Yuya was able to create seamless sound structures where there are no moments of repeated harmonies. Essentially, the output is what Yuya describes as drone but not drone, through reconstructing the movement of sound via ever-changing melodies and algorithms.

Yuya had a desire to create something that had not previously been imagined or expected and this became the inspiration behind the concept for this album. The title Dramatic Syndrome references the artist’s tendency to dream big and grand with the album’s production approach and its concept. The track titles explore abstract, disparate themes whilst the dream-like artwork hints at the surreal


Written and produced by Yuya Ota
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Harry Towell
Art and design by Andrew Heath

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