eRecord014 Darkroom – Water like mbira

Today we have a new edition in our digital-only series, eRecords!
‘Water like mbira’ is a two track album from UK based duo Darkroom, returning after 2021’s double gatefold CDr LP ‘Last Sense to Fade’.

eRecords is a digital record series created by Whitelabrecs, to run alongside our physical releases. These editions aim to transform the digital format into something that can be experienced in a similar way to a listener’s interaction with a real, white label vinyl record. Each edition includes a special PDF scrapbook including polaroids and liner notes.

We do not publish details about the concepts or production methods of a release so that the liner notes and content in each scrapbook will reveal the background of each edition in the series.

catalog: eR014
artist: Darkroom
release title: Water like mbira
release type: album
location: UK

released january 27, 2022

Written and produced by Darkroom
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photos by Michael Bearpark, Rob Blackham
Art and design by Harry Towell

Special thanks: Ulrich Schnauss & Nathaniel Cramp (Sonic Cathedral); that secret South Devon summer stream; Elif Yalvaç for her song on the Galata bridge; Colin Edwin; our supportive audience; Philip Larkin

You can find out more information about eRecords in our landing page link, below:

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