Coming soon… Andrew Heath & Simon McCorry – A Is For Autumn

Our new release ‘A Is For Autumn‘ will be available officially in one of our typically low runs of 100 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs on Saturday the 10th of September after a pre-order on the 1st of September, on Bandcamp Friday. If you click here: mailing list, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

press release
“This record combines the work of two artists who have previously released solo and collaborative albums for Whitelabrecs. Andrew Heath is renowned for quiet, lowercase Ambient music, with his music appearing on labels such as Giraffe Tapes, Shimmering Moods, Rusted Tone, not to mention regular contributions for Disco Gecko and Whitelabrecs. Simon McCorry is a cellist and composer, who has been working for theatre, dance and film for over 15 years. His work in the contemporary Ambient sphere has seen releases on the likes of Naviar Records, Polar Seas, Shimmering Moods and Hidden Vibes.

Both artists are also keen collaborators, with discographies listing co-production work with the likes of Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Anne Chris Bakker, Anthéne, James Osland, Mi Cosa de Resistance and Toby Marks between them. For the first time, these two Stroud, UK based artists have worked together to create a soundtrack themed around the onset of Autumn, clocking in at almost an hour.

Andrew and Simon bring together their love of improvisation to create ‘A Is For Autumn’ which sits between tonal, electronic minimalism and neo-classical restraint – a warm balm for cold autumn days. Using a different palette of sounds for each of the recording sessions from instruments such as cello and modular, to piano and guitar, they engender a constantly shifting tone to these soundscape pieces, all influenced and informed by the time of year – a rich mellowing of landscape and of a withdrawing into a more intimate space as the year slows and the light levels fall away.

The rhythms of the world’s internal clock appear ever more skewed in these times, and the timing of the seasons are becoming more unpredictable. For some, Autumn may fall at a different time to the rest of the world and for some, not at all. This album is a homage to Autumn, as interpreted by the artists. For the listener, this might tap into your own memories of this colourful season. Or, it may transport you into the environment that has been created.

Written and produced by Andrew Heath & Simon McCorry
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Photography by Rita Kuklenko
Art and design by Andrew Heath


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