eRecord010 fred baty – the upper air

Today we released two new editions in our digital-only series, eRecords!
‘the upper air’ is an EP from Bristol, UK based artist Fred Baty, with his debut release with Whitelabrecs. We’ve followed his music for many years, after enjoying his work as Crepusculum back in the ‘netlabel days’ of the late 2000s.

eRecords is a digital record series created by Whitelabrecs, to run alongside our physical releases. These editions aim to transform the digital format into something that can be experienced in a similar way to a listener’s interaction with a real, white label vinyl record. Each edition includes a special PDF scrapbook including polaroids and liner notes.

We do not publish details about the concepts or production methods of a release so that the liner notes and content in each scrapbook will reveal the background of each edition in the series.

catalog: eR010
artist: fred baty
release title: the upper air
release type: ep
location: bristol, uk

released august 20, 2022

Written and produced by Fred Baty
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Mixed by Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory
Cover photo by Dave Watts
Art and design by Harry Towell

You can find out more information about eRecords in our landing page link, below:

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