Out Now! The Inventors of Aircraft – Edge of Imagination

We have two new releases out today for July and in this one we welcome back Phil Tomsett under his The Inventors of Aircraft alias, in an album that follows Velatore and Home Diaries 027. This new album is a collection of otherworldly electronic drones with moments of intensity and near-chaos, mysterious exploratory caves and dreamy passages of retro-futurism.

Edge of Imagination is out now in a run of 100 copies! The best way to keep informed about our low-run releases, is to join our mailing list, and we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear!

press release
“The Inventors of Aircraft is UK based artist Phil Tomsett, who has released with labels including Time Released Sound, Wist Rec, Home Normal and Fluid Audio across this project, and under his own name. You may also recall that Phil contributed the 27th edition of our Home Diaries series and the album Velatore, also out in 2020.

‘The Edge of Imagination’ is the latest record under The Inventors of Aircraft pseudonym which builds on lush synths and intelligent melodies. The album is an exploration of the space between virtual and the real, the conscious and sub-conscious and somewhere in between reality and a dream. It plays through as a journey, initiated by the opening track ‘Gateway’, which takes the listener in before the subsequent tracks delve deeper and deeper into a cybernetic dreamworld.

There are moments of intensity and near-chaos, mysterious explorative caves and dreamy passages of retro-futurism. We won’t spoil the order of these events in this release text, but the title of the penultimate track is ‘Rescued’, a triumphant piece which precedes ‘Home’. The closing moments of this final piece may well find you back home in the reality of planet earth, as this otherworldly experience closes.

Written and produced by Phil Tomsett
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Harry Towell
Art and design by Andrew Heath

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