Out Now! Logic Moon & Henrik Meierkord – Inseln

We have two new releases out today for July and in this one, we have a collaboration between Logic Moon and Henrik Meierkord, with an album of deep modern classical drones, created using Meierkord’s cello, viola and double bass recordings and guitar soundscapes by Logic Moon.

Inseln is out now in a run of 100 copies! The best way to keep informed about our low-run releases, is to join our mailing list, and we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear!

press release
“In this collaborative record called ‘Inseln’, we welcome back Logic Moon, who contributed 2019’s ‘I See Planets’ to our discography, alongside cellist, musician and composer Henrik Meierkord. Logic Moon is Mainz, Germany based artist Tobias Lorsbach, who has also released music on labels such as Archives, Ambientologist and Faint. Henrik Meierkord is based in Stockholm, Sweden and he has numerous self-released records in his discography, alongside work for Ambientologist, Subcontinental Records and Hibernate.

‘Inseln’ translates to mean islands and this record is intended to be a journey to beautiful imaginary paradise islands, far far away, in a time set way back in ancient history. Whilst cliché would have us think of exotic sun-soaked lands, full of vibrant colour and a thick, palpable heat, on listening to this record it will become apparent that the journey to paradise is not so simple. Tobias’ droning synthesizer soundscapes combined with Meierkord’s meditative strings, transport us to a medieval world, perhaps in times before we had discovered the existence of paradise, and when travel was an enormous challenge.

This album plays through the struggles of a journey to paradise, escaping the known present in search of an unknown, unpromising utopia. As we discover each new island, we can see another one on the horizon, lying undiscovered; an endless paradise only another struggle-filled journey away.

Written and Produced by Tobias Lorsbach & Henrik Meierkord
Mixed and Mastered by Tobias Lorsbach, Mainz/Stockholm
Painting by Maliana Wang
Art and Design by Andrew Heath

Tobias Lorsbach : Synthesizers, Piano and Soundscapes
Henrik Meierkord : Cello, Viola, Doublebass

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