Out Now! Miguel Otero – Brief Tales

Our June releases are out today and in this edition we have an album by Spanish artist Miguel Otero. ‘Brief Tales’ is a collection of classical guitar and synth tape loops, themed around the UK city of Cambridge, tapping into the artist’s fond memories of his time living in this historic city.

Brief Tales is out now in a run of 100 copies! The best way to keep informed about our low-run releases, is to join our mailing list, and we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear!

press release
“Miguel Otero is a multi-instrumentalist composer, sound designer and music producer based in Spain. His multidisciplinary skills include production, post-production, mixing and mastering of his own creations. Otero’s music is characterized by distorted synthesizers, very slow harmonies and processed sound fields of complex textures that the listener can get lost in.

In Brief Tales, Miguel recalls the time he spent in the historic city of Cambridge, UK and the track titles and artwork act as reference points for the music to tell its stories. Each of the tales take us to a oneiric reality, in which Miguel revives memories from this inspiring place, full of harmony and quietness, which is contrasting to the nature of his present. Whilst literally this record is very much attached to a single city, its stories are of the emotions we treasure in our memory for ourselves, of places that we are no longer part of in the here and now.

The core of this album is built around synthesiser loops, classical guitar fragments and tape recorder texture. It’s a fond and heart-warming encounter, navigating the cherished memories of the artist as you overlay your own thoughts. Brief Tales is presented with both an intro and outro, which allow the classical guitar to take centre stage. These two pieces have all the warmth and charm of a spring stroll through quiet backstreets, as a busker serenades you into, and out of a space of memories.

Written and produced by Anne Chris Bakker
Pre-mastered by Andrew Heath
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Packaging design by Andrew Heath

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