Coming soon… Anne Chris Bakker – A Sketch in Leaving

We have two new releases lined-up for the 14th of May and with this one, we welcome back Anne Chris Bakker after the collaboration with Andrew Heath, ‘How To Breathe Like A Stone‘. A Sketch in Leaving is a solo album of 12 compositions, varying from piano sketches to deeper, droning textures. ‘A Sketch in Leaving‘ will be up for pre-order this coming Bandcamp Friday, the 6th of May.

Then ‘A Sketch in Leaving‘ will be available officially in one of our typically low runs of 100 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs, complete with art and design by Andrew Heath.

It will be released officially on Saturday the 14th of May. If you join our mailing list using the link below, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

press release
“In this edition we welcome back Anne Chris Bakker, a musician and composer from the Netherlands. Some may recall 2021’s collaboration with Andrew Heath, with their album ‘How To Breathe Like A Stone’ and we are pleased to be able to present this solo record, ‘A Sketch in Leaving’.

Anne Chris Bakker’s music makes use of electro acoustic sound sources, to create minimal and experimental ambient music. Releases have been made available through labels such as White Paddy Mountain, Dronarivm and Unknown Tone, as well as a further collaboration with Andrew Heath on Rusted Tone Recordings. There were also recordings as Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra on the likes of Low Point and Mort Aux Vaches; the group have also worked alongside renowned artists such as Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Nils Frahm and Liondialer (Greg Haines and Danny Saul).

Bakker typically starts with small compositions created with guitar and for A Sketch in Leaving, a new approach was forged by using a piano and samples so that a new experimental path could be explored. Inspiration has been drawn from long walks in the Norwegian mountains and this album is in part based upon these experiences. The immense landscape, battered and bruised by the elements represents change and loss, as well as the emergence of freshly formed details. The titles of the album are mainly of places, people and concepts all set to the vast Scandinavian landscape, which is placed as a focal point within the packaging artwork.

Written and produced by Anne Chris Bakker
Pre-mastered by Andrew Heath
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Packaging design by Andrew Heath

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