Magnofon mix for Deep Electronics

To coincide with the release of Magnofon’s new album Terrarium, under our eRecords series, he has also created a DJ mix for Deep Electronics and becomes the 354th edition of this long-standing mix series.

The mix includes a range of dub and ambient techno tracks, along with ambient drones and textures; the kinds of sounds that have provided inspiration for the Terrarium album.

You can check out the mix by clicking the image above, clicking HERE or we’ve embedded the Soundcloud player for the show below:


01 Loris S. Sarid – Tano
02 Claudio PRC/SaffronKeira – Mare Tranquillitas I
03 Magnofon – Folia
04 Sven Weisemann – Monistic
05 Izzat Man – Autumn
06 Fluxion – Correlation
07 Soela – Shadows On The Wall
08 Francis Harris – What She Had
09 Rod Modell – Luminescent
10 Zenzizenz – Umi
11 Heavenchord – Forest Wind
12 Fluxion – Motion 3
13 Mitry – After
14 Alex Humann – Environmental Climate
15 Villete – Show Me
16 BLNDR – Botanical Garden
17 Jack Hyde – Smirr
18 Sebby Kowal – Amongst The River
19 Adham Zahran – A New Earth

You can also check out Terrarium at the following link:

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