eRecord003 Headland – Bullfinch

Today we announced the next editions in our brand new digital-only series, eRecords!
‘Bullfinch’ is a two track EP from Australia based artists Headland.

eRecords is a digital record series created by Whitelabrecs, to run alongside our physical releases. These editions aim to transform the digital format into something that can be experienced in a similar way to a listener’s interaction with a real, white label vinyl record. Each edition includes a special PDF scrapbook including polaroids and liner notes.

We do not publish details about the concepts or production methods of a release, and we will only make one track available for streaming. This is so that the liner notes and content in each scrapbook, and the audio files will give you the background of each edition in the series.

catalog: eR003
artist: headland
release title: bullfinch
release type: ep
location: little lennox, australia

released March 26, 2022

arranged by murray paterson
mixed by christian pyle at prawn & spanner
mastered by michael worthington at soundworthy
artwork: map of water by betty paterson
art and design by Harry Towell

You can find out more information about eRecords in our landing page link, below:

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