Coming soon… Various Artists – A Speechless Body

We have another compilation album of sorts lined-up to begin this new year. This one is a concept album called A Speechless Body an idea originally conceived by Argentinian artist Mi Cosa de Resistance who then invited Andrew Heath, Ciro Berenguer, Hymns57 and Pepo Galan to create 2 tracks each, relating back to the previous track. The idea is that the album plays as a series of ‘chapters’, as if it were a book and this compilation album will be available for pre-order on Friday the 7th of January.

A Speechless Body‘ will be available in one of our typically low runs of 100 gatefold vinyl-effect CDrs, complete with art and design by Andrew Heath.

It will be released officially on Saturday the 15th of January. If you join our mailing list using the link below, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

press release
“Take five ambient composers from around the world. Ask them to create two pieces or chapters each which in turn relate, just as in a book, to the previous chapter but all constructed in two halves as a palindrome and you have an amazing and intriguing ambient work – A Speechless Body.

Originally conceived by the Argentinian experimental musician, Mi Cosa de Resistance, it quickly grew to include Ciro Berenguer, Pepo Galán, Hymns 57 and Andrew Heath and became an incredible journey from one place to another and then back again, taking in some beautiful ambient scenes along the way.

Diverse? Yes but delightfully so and it’s testament to these artist’s wonderful craft that everything works seamlessly. It guides you along this stunning ambient journey and is finally set into its own cohesive world by the mastering skills of James Edward Armstrong who frames the work perfectly. The stories and narrative within these ‘chapters’ is told through track titles, sound and the album artwork only. The rest, is to your own imagination.

Written and produced by Mi Cosa de Resistance, Andrew Heath, Ciro Berenguer, Hymns 57, Pepo Galán
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Art and design by Andrew Heath

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