Coming soon… Various Artists – Hundred

This month, we are pleased to meet the landmark of 100 album editions which we’ve released on Whitelabrecs, since out label began in January 2016. We’ve enjoyed the ups and downs of running a label and feel very lucky to have achieved 100 releases, not to mention our EPs, tapes and Home Diaries series too. To celebrate this occasion, we have a busy month of activity planned including new digital music which we announced at the beginning of September, limited edition baseball caps, free badges which will be included in random orders, a ‘mystery CD‘ option, a label history mix and also, a compilation album!

We had recently run a poll asking fans and listeners for their votes, so that we could arrive at the top 15 albums in our discography so far. We’ve created a compilation called ‘Hundred‘, selecting a track from each of these albums in a limited edition CDr, which includes a 16 page booklet featuring images and insight. 

Hundred will be released on Saturday the 25th of September. We have not created a Soundcloud preview of tracks, to keep this a surprise. If you join our mailing list , we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear!

press release
“On the 25th of September 2021, with this release, we will have achieved 100 items in our core catalog since we launched Whitelabrecs in 2016. The editions consist of 48 hand-burned white-label effect CDrs, 5 printed compilation CDrs, 1 digital compilation album and 45 gatefold LP style CDrs.

Hundred is a special compilation album which has been assembled mark the occasion, after we had asked our listeners and fans to vote for their favourite albums in a poll. Here we’re pleased to present the top 15, as per their votes, in this suite of Ambient, Drone, Modern Classical and Electro Acoustic pieces.

Our label owner Harry Towell has chosen his favourite tracks from each of these 15 records and the resulting compilation near enough fills the 80 minute duration of a CD. The tracks have been arranged in an order that hopefully flows as an album experience in its own right.

The physical edition is available in a limited edition of 100 copies, including the label’s logo and identity as part of the design, along with a 16 page booklet with commentary and cover imagery for each of the 100 albums. We hope you have enjoyed the first 100 works in our catalog and we are looking forward to sharing all of our plans and ideas with you in the future.

Curated by our fans and listeners
Tracks selected by Harry Towell
Art and design by Andrew Heath
Booklet by Harry Towell
Tracks are as originally mastered. For mastering credits, refer to the CD sleeve or you can view this information by clicking the relevant track.

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