Coming soon… Demetrio Cecchitelli + Jonathan Dickson – Tense


We’re pleased to unveil a short preview of the next edition in our new digital series, <facets> in which we’ll be collaborating with Art North Magazine. This series will involve a range of composers and sound artists, teaming up with talented visual artists, for an audio-visual release. Next up, we welcome Demetrio Cecchitelli  from Rimini in Italy. His work is accompanied by photography from visual artist Jonathan Dickson. Tense was originally composed for a theatre production but joins the <facets> series in which a new context was added in the form of Jonathan’s photography which focuses on a collection of burnt matches. The work plays as a series of abstract cinematic soundscapes that lean more towards Musique Concrete than modern classical composition. 

Each <facets> edition will include either an EP or album of music available in a range of high quality audiophile formats, accompanied by a work of art as the cover image and a booklet PDF which contains art, profile imagery, background information and an interview, featuring both the sonic and visual artist.

Tense will be released on Saturday the 22nd of May with no pre-order. If you join our mailing list using the link below, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

press release
“Facets is an audio-visual series, co-curated between Whitelabrecs and Art North Magazine. This collection provides a space in our catalog for digital music, in which we aim to provide more than a few mp3s and a low resolution square image. Each edition of Facets is pitched equally at both your eyes and ears. Sonic and visual textures overlap as we pair musicians, composers or sound designers with painters, sculptors or photographers. The work includes the music in a range of formats, specially created visual artwork and a PDF art booklet containing imagery, interviews and liner notes. Our collective aim is to create a coherent work of cross-media art, where the creative outputs of a sonic artist and a visual artist complement each other as a singular creative output.

In our second edition of this new series, we welcome Demetrio Cecchitelli from Rimini, Italy. He has released music with labels such as Sounds Against Humanity, Healing Sound Propagandist and Dornwald among others. ‘Tense’ is an album that was originally composed for a theatre in Santarcangelo di Romagna and in its release as part of the series, it is given a new context. The record explores themes of tension, constructing moments of suspense and quiet, as it both surprises and lulls the listener.

The collaboration is complete with the photography of Jonathan Dickson, based in Ireland, whose artistic tangents saw him experiment with taking photographs of burnt matches. The imagery becomes a fitting companion to Demetrio’s themes of tension, as this brooding and dimly-lit cinematic soundscape is reflected visually. To complete this edition, Art North’s editor Ian McKay has produced a music video to the title track, using Dickson’s matches and photos of the Rimini backstreets to tie this concept together.


Music: Demetrio Cecchitelli
Mastering: James Edward Armstrong
Art Direction & Editing: Ian McKay
Photography: Jonathan Dickson, N. Ricci, M. Stock, & D. Roszca

Featured artwork by Jonathan Dickson

Music & Artwork © 2021, The Artists (Demetrio Cecchitelli, Jonathan Dickson), All Rights Reserved. Video ℗ by Art North Projects. Music ℗ by Whitelabrecs, 2021

Project Curators: Harry Towell (Music) & Ian McKay (Visual Art)

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