Out Now! Lorenzo Masotto – i=r


Today we released the album ‘i=r’ by Italian pianist and composer Lorenzo Masotto after we had put the album up for pre-order a few weeks back. This album explores the textural, tonal and rhythmic timbres of an upright piano complete with two music videos shot by Michele Dolci.

The limited edition CDr makes further use of Michele Dolci’s visual expertise with photography booklet included, featuring an image for each track.

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The release page for i=r can be visited at the following link:

press release

“Lorenzo Masotto is a composer and pianist from Verona, Italy, with releases on labels such as Sonder House, Lady Blunt Records, Preserved Sound and Dronarivm. He has performed in many venues, most notably London’s Union Chapel whilst tours have taken him to California Sofar and concerts at the Iberian Theater in Lisbon and the concert at De Helling in Utrecht.

i=r is an album which Lorenzo started to write when the pandemic broke out across northern Italy and much of the world, in March 2020. He set out initially to explore the complete tonal possibilities of a Seiler upright piano, restricted to two microphones. He became fascinated as he discovered the beauty and sonic elegance of a hammer touching the string, muffled by felt, as the motion and vibrations created all kinds of creaks and noises within the wood.

i=r, known as Snell’s Law, is the law of refraction. Each piece of this album represents a different refraction, as different points of view reflected in an artificial or natural mirror. The accompanying photography by Michele Dolci is as much a part of the album as the music, as individual scenes of symmetry, asymmetry and reflection each depict a given track from the album.

It is perhaps fitting exactly one year on since the ideas behind this album emerged, that this bright and fluid collection of compositions beam their rays of hope back from those dark reflections. Light and darkness, warmth and cold, strong and frail, hopeful and despairing. Our hope now is to emerge into the light, under the warmth of spring, with a renewed strength born of our collective despair.


released April 16, 2021

Written, produced and mastered by Lorenzo Masotto
Photography by Michele Dolci
Graphic design and layout by Andrew Heath

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