New collaborative series: facets

We’re delighted to announce a collaboration between Whitelabrecs and Art North Magazine and part of our work together will bring about a digital series called <facets>

This will combine our curated taste of ambient, drone, modern classical, folk and everything in between, with collaborating visual artists, selected by Art North Magazine. Each month, these collaborations will be released digitally via our Bandcamp page, with support by Art North’s editor Ian McKay and this will involve features in the magazine, interviews and more!

Our first edition is currently being prepared and this is a joined effort from two artists who have previously released CDs with us.


Our collective aim is to create a coherent work of multi-media art where the creative outputs of a musician/sonic artist and a visual artist complement each other as a singular creative ‘output’.

The idea emerged from our desire to release shorter editions that embrace the EP format. We often get excellent short demos that we are unable to accommodate and we also felt that we could do more to work with artists on a digital basis, after the success of last year’s Home Diaries series. At the same time, Art North magazine seeks to foster new opportunities for visual artists to explore innovative ways of working in a cross-disciplinary context.

We want our digital-only releases to carry a strong visual aesthetic and engage both the ears and eyes of their listeners. Art North magazine is meanwhile known for fostering new opportunities for visual artists to work in innovative and often unexpected ways.


The project works as a set of simple, loose rules that are aimed to inspire a musician/sonic artist and a visual artist to create a striking piece of work by way of collaboration. The collaborative focus for each edition may take one of the three following approaches:

 1. A demo by a musician/sonic artist is approved and then paired with a visual artist, who will then create artwork based on their interpretation of the music, the track titles, or both.

2. Artwork by a visual artist is selected. It is then paired with a musician who creates a musical/sonic work as a direct response to the visual artist’s imagery/artwork provided.

3. A musician and visual artist agree to work together. After an initial discussion, they do so ‘blindly’ until each has completed their contribution to the collaboration. Both see the results at the end of their creative process.

If you are interested in taking part, musicians/sonic artists please get in touch via out contact page to discuss the submission of recordings or demos. If you are a visual artist, you can submit a maximum of three sample images of your artwork to Art North’s Editor via their file transfer page. To receive our Project Outline with Further Information and Guidance Notes, please contact us here.

Art North have set out more details on their website and we recommend you have a read and take a look around:

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