Coming soon…Nebel lang – Hand in Mine

In our physical edition for February, we welcome Kiel, Germany based artist Nebel lang who has had previous releases on Fluid Audio and Minui. Some may recall their piece ‘Sit Still For‘ which closes our recent Ennio’s Muse compilation. Their new album ‘Hand in Mine‘ will be out this Saturday the 20th of February and features beautiful minimal piano compositions.

This limited edition CDr edition makes use of photography provided by Albarran Cabrera as well as a short story, written by Bailey Rose in the interior liner notes. This one makes use of our sleek minimal design template, new for 2021, complete with a vinyl-effect disc.

The album will be released on Saturday the 20th of February with no pre-order. If you join our mailing list using the link below, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

Whitelabrecs low-run releases are likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu or you can click HERE

press release
“Nebel lang is the latest moniker for a traveling artist, originally from San Rafael, Argentina who is currently based in Kiel, Germany. Previous releases include ‘Chapters’ on Fluid Audio as well as ‘00000’ and ‘motionless fo a’ on Minui. That’s not to mention some self-released digital editions via his own Bandcamp page. The name Nebel lang combines the German words for fog and lifelong, to be taken metaphorically as ‘lifelong uncertainty’.

The Nebel lang sound is driven through improvisations, to capture chance moments that cannot be repeated. These sounds were impulsive, as if entirely natural, as part of the environment within a given moment in time. The tuning, environment and textural sound of a particular piano can never truly be replicated or reperformed.

‘Hand in mine’ is an album comprised of an opener, ‘situate’ which is a short piece to help the listener establish the volume and equalisation settings of their sound system. It is followed by two longform pieces of improvised piano compositions performed in Dordogne, (France), on a self-tuned upright piano. The first of the two album pieces is fluid, with a rhythm that ebbs and flows. The second is intentionally quieter and more sparse. This emphasises the need for ‘situate’ to establish with you the listener, your choice of volume setting. If moments sound quiet, it is entirely deliberate.

Two years on from the original recordings, the nuances and details of these sessions had long-since been lost. Additional artists were invited to collaborate and add an extra perspective to these recordings. Bailey Rose was asked to write some words and this lent the album its title as well as an accompanying story. Visual artists Albarran Cabrera were asked to provide the accompanying imagery from their ‘Kairos’ series, which represents their concept ‘the eternal present’, a fitting companion to these sounds.

Written and produced by Nebel lang
Recorded in 2019 at “un temps, un lieu”
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Albarran Cabrera
Words by Bailey Rose

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