Out Now! thme – that’s what it will be like

We’re pleased to announce the debut album by Paris, France based artist thme is out today! That’s what it will be like is a daydream soundtrack of slow and blurry guitar and piano drones which will place the listener into an idealistic but melancholic state. The album is accompanied by a retro-futurist collage cover artwork, provided by Arctic Sun.

That’s What It’ll Be Like is available on Whitelabrecs now along with another CD release by Glåsbird, which you can check out by clicking here. If you order both releases there will be no extra shipping costs and we will post them together. Click on the link below to check out this new release:

Our low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu or you can click HERE



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press release
“‘That’s what it will be like’ is the debut album from emerging French artist Théo Martin, who records was thme. Théo was originally raised in the Parisians suburbs and now resides inside the city itself. He has lived a life with music at the fore since childhood, with learning guitar progressing to playing in a band for several years, before he started solo music production as part of a student exchange program.

Théo’s sound gravitates towards melancholic atmospheres, slowly evolving drones and time worn textures. Damaged piano pieces and micro/macro sound environments provide a dreamy backdrop for the listener, as a kind of spiritual shelter to travel to and rest.

These tracks were recorded during an intense period of work and Théo considered his studio as a space where time could slow down, to almost grind to a halt. This experience is captured inside these seven recordings, where time stands on end and the mind can wander. The retrofuturistic artwork (by Arctic Sun) which accompanies this album reflects this perfectly, in a surreal but dreamy glimpse of a daydream set in the clouds. That’s what it will be like.”

Written and produced by Théo Martin
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Arctic Sun
Packaging Design by Harry Towell

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