Out Now! Zoltan Fecso – Daylight In An Empty Room

Here’s the first of two new albums, out now! This one’s by Melbourne, Australia based artist Zoltan Fecso, who uses a custom-built guitar to create a unique sound. These compositions are warm and bright reflections as the artist wanted to create a more open, spacious sound. His partner Claire Lefebvre is an artist and she provided the cover painting for this album, entitled ‘Daylight In An Empty Room‘.

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press release
“Zoltan Fecso is a composer based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. With previous releases on Hush Hush Records, Sonder House, The Slow Music Movement and Shimmering Moods, Whitelabrecs is thrilled to present Zoltan’s most restrained work to date on ‘Daylight in an Empty Room.’

Zoltan’s pointillist compositions combine single notes of varying lengths to form ever-changing patterns. A composition technique he’s been exploring since 2018, Pointillism borrows its name from the post-impressionist painting technique which uses individually coloured dots to form an image. Zoltan’s works are performed on a modified guitar, on which he captures fragments of notes, creating ever-shifting tonal permutations.

‘Daylight in an Empty Room’ is an album of solo guitar improvisations, in which Zoltan has aimed to create a more open, spacious sound than in previous records. Zoltan works closely with his partner and painter Claire Lefebvre, who created the artwork for this album. ‘Daylight in an Empty Room’ suggests finding new detail in simplicity.”

Written and produced by Zoltan Fecso
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Claire Lefebvre
Packaging design by Harry Towell

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