Out Now! Pruski – Playground

Onto the second of our two new additions to the catalog, we welcome back Pruski who some will recall provided the fifth instalment of our Home Diaries series. Paweł Pruski is based in Krakow, Poland and has been keeping busy with online streaming performances, notably Edu Comelles’ Ruido Virico show. ‘Playground‘ was next in line when we had to halt the catalog and we’re pleased to be able to release this journey into the early years of human existence, as we encounter the magic of the world around us for the first time. The subtly varied ambient drones and field recordings reflect various scenes of discovery. The packaging features photography by Bartosz Szadurski along with a white border to frame it and olive green information panels. Inside the inner card sleeve is a white vinyl-effect disc.

Our low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu or you can click HERE


press release

“Paweł Pruski is an artist from Krakow, Poland who has previously had vinyl albums released under the name of Minoo and more recently, Ambient albums as Pruski. One such was a contribution at the beginning of our Home Diaries series after we had postponed the release of his album ‘Playground’. His work pushes and extends the boundaries of Ambient and Drone music and he also performs as a live act in events and festivals around the world.

Playground is a journey into a child’s world. A world without sophisticated sentences, complicated relationships or conventions. Here, the most important things are gestures, curiosity and surprise. It is discovering what is around, fascinated by nature. It is an attempt to look from the side back to the beginning of our journey in this world. What was it like to be surprised by the colour of the leaves, rain, and the ticking of the clock? For this is a journey to a place where the tree is the whole world, and a small meadow can be the whole cosmos.”

Written and produced by Paweł Pruski
Mastered by Miniature-records
Photography by Bartosz Szadurski
Packaging Design by Harry Towell

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