Out Now! Edu Comelles – Línia Pedra Paisatge Solc

We’re ready to begin an exciting catalog of artist albums for 2020, starting with Línia  Pedra Paisatge Solc by Barcelona based artist Edu Comelles. This two track album of mid-length drones was mastered by Pedro Pina and was composed based on the skyline which can be seen from the castle of Culla. The pieces are drone soundscapes, full of evolving textural detail from acoustic instruments. Those who like Greg Haines, The Humble Bee and Ben McElroy. The album will be released officially on Saturday the 8th of February but if you join our mailing list using the link below, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear.

Línia  Pedra Paisatge Solc was released to subscribers of our mailing list last weekend, who had the first opportunity to grab a copy and the CDs. Many have sold already but we still have some copies available. You can also stream the album in full on Bandcamp and of course, grab a digital version if you like, by clicking the link below or image above. To avoid missing out on future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE


press release
“Línia / Pedra / Paisatge / Solc (Line, stone, landscape and groove in Catalan) is a sound composition in two parts, based on the skyline that can be seen from the top of the ruins of the castle of Culla, a small village inland of the Castelló province (Eastern Spain). The first piece (Línia / Pedra) is composed based on the skyline between northeast and southwest. The second piece (Paisatge / Solc) has been composed using the skyline between southwest and northeast.

The line is the voice that describes the landscape. The stone is the central element, a source of history, legacy and shelter for those who live in this hard land. The landscape is all around us, it extends in-clemently into the stratified and muffled horizon. The groove is the drawing of man in this land, a cut on the ground, and the groove where the sound travels in this album.

Both sonic pieces were recorded and composed at the old school at Pla del Sabater nearby Culla, during October 2018. All sound sources used in the production of this work were captured during a period of a week living in residence on that isolated place. Sound sources include field recordings and voice, nothing else.

Weeks after the residency period at Culla, double bass was overdubbed in Valencia by Rafa Ramos. Mastering for the vinyl version was done by Pedro Pina in Barcelona. Four unique vinyl discs enclosed each on handcrafted wooden boxes, which have been left in Culla as artistic objects to be preserved and listened to there in its definitive format. The project is a commission of the Culla City Hall as part of a contemporary art program held on this small village. ■ Edu Comelles”

Written and produced by Edu Comelles
Mastered by Pedro Pina
Photography by Edu Comelles
Packaging design by Harry Towell

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