Coming soon…Jack Hyde – Lowlands

2019 has been another busy year for us, perhaps our busiest yet after increasing our run count from 50 to 100 CDrs for each release! So we’d like to release one more album, then take a breather ready for what promises to be an exciting 2020. We’ll have a couple of surprises up our sleeve still but in the meantime, we welcome Jack Hyde with his debut album named Lowlands‘, a micro-detailed Ambient album with a subtle hint of dub and the lightest of electronica. If you like creativity, variety and attention to detail in your Ambient music then this could be just for you! This will be available in 2019’s signature gatefold-LP style CD, in a run of 100 copies  and we’ll release this officially on or around the 16th of November 2019. This one might appeal to artists such as Shuttle358, The Green Kingdom or Segue.

Whitelabrecs low-run releases will be made available suddenly without official release dates, meaning they’re likely to sell out fast. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list which can be located through our website menu or you can click HERE

press release
“Jack Hyde is a British artist currently based in Edinburgh where he is studying a degree in sound design. He released tracks Heather and Ebb via American label Past Inside The Present. These pieces became the starting point for his debut album, which becomes the final release in busy a 2019 for us.

Jack’s sound draws on wide musical influences; from the folk and psychedelic music he discovered via his father, to the dub and dance music exposure from his time residing in an urban environment, as well as his taste for ambient and experimental artists such as the 12k label. He approaches his own sound design by collecting a range of sonic material, to build a library of sound in which to instigate a project. Textures and loops are developed through a collage approach with samples and additional instrumentation being processed and mangled into a new cohesive whole.

Whilst living in London, Jack created Lowlands, a collection of fifteen sketches presented as a sound diary of sorts. It does not have a fixed concept, but the track titles are influenced by the landscapes he had visited, in which photos and field recordings were collected. The overlapping, slowly evolving sounds fold and unfold as a series of sonic impressions to map the images in Jack’s mind. The works are strongly linked to the natural world, which will feel apparent as you listen. Submerged, underwater drones and hydrophone-captures slowly spawn a lattice of minute detail beyond the aquatic weeds. Light of the outside world peers through the condensation-concealed windows of a humid greenhouse. The drone of distant ships fogging in over sea play out to heather flecked fells.”

Written and produced by Jack Hyde
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Cover Photography by Harry Towell
Inner Panel Photography by Pheobe Law
Packaging design by Harry Towell

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